The main mission for the creation of this site is to provide the "biblical style" works of which the writer began to compile during early 2014 (within the first 3 months), and had completed the first seven of his first set of ten "The Empowerent of Mankind" by mid-late 2015, and will give a much deeper insight into the heavenly wisdom of the Most High El of whom is the true author of these works in the very highest possible regard, but were written down from scratch by "The Lion Writer" (Joel A. Russo) except for some biblical verse inserts that may be present within them, if you would like to be "technical", though they are still completely new works in there entirety. The scriptural verses that have been used in these poems are mainly "based" of the HS (Halleluyah Scriptures) Translation (I have no direct affiliation with there project), and they were finely knit together in this poetry with a writing method that The Lion Writer has labeled as a form of verse-grafting of which in actuality has been done throughout the whole Book of Psalms in the true Qodesh Scriptures ("The Holy Bible"). Joel (technically YHWH) has given 100% FULL PERMISSION to everyone without a single copyright restriction to share these works with anyone, and with any medium. I do not give "direct" permission to alter any of these workings, however as a form of artistic expression for those who would like to use any piece of this poetry in your own may do so.


"You have recieved without paying, give without being paid."                                                      Mattithyahu (Matthew) 10:8


This site is dedicated to the truth so that the deeper wisdom of Yah can be given free to the entire world.


The writer of these works does believe that they are inspired by YHWH the great creator of ALL mankind.

This page will provide updates for any potential projects that are currently in progress or current world events.


"The Lion of YHWH is Near!"




The most precious thing in life is Yah our creator who is the breath of life because without him there would be no life.








By Implication the meaning of life would be this:

"To Live, and to Strive in the fullness of being with YHWH your creator towards the completion of all things."

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the Author/Webmaster does infact understand much of the faulty logic being used to undermine people because of there belief, and also that people can use such logic to make false allegations, ect. An example would be if a truly disgruntled person had done something of which would considered a fool-hardy action as a result of content that I post on this web-site, or MISUNDERSTOOD content, and so forth. The author does not intend to be rude to others, and I say this in kindness, BUT "I will not cater to another persons wrong-doings in this way" just to make that clear because we are all responsible for what each of us as individuals do.