BRAZENLION.COM is a website that has been dedicated to the ultimate truth concerning the origin of every last person, and all that exists before us in that our deep spiritual roots are in YHWH our creator of the highest shamayim (heaven/s), and also our world. The author, and web-master of this site are both the same person who has a very strong belief in the redempion of ALL MANKIND, but Joel still does believe that there will be a final corrective judgement as well as a testing of the hearts, and minds both in this life, and also in the next in order for the refinement of our qodesh (Holy) character so that all of the creation will be brought into absolute completion in the Most High El to never again commit any wrong doing before his eyes. This will be fulfilled either for example by an entire life of personal trial being immersed in the spirit of YHWH our Qodesh father who is the source, and the manifestaion of the Ruach ha' Qodesh (Holy Spirit), a person living in great poverty for a long portion of a lifetime never knowing the truth from the father, by correction a lake burning with the fire of his brazen spirit, and wherever far the father's purpose will extend. The heart of the matter is that we will all be immersed by the water of renewal, and scorching flame of refinement. I testify knowingly that there will not be a single stone left unturned for any one person even the most evil that has been born, unborn, died, or people currently among the living who have been made as a human being that had been given a spirit within them by YHWH The Master of ALL EXISTING THINGS. Our father who has given all of that creation, and who has placed it before EVERY LAST RESIDENT OF THE EARTH, AND OF THE FULLNESS OF MANKIND as a bold, and clear testimony in itself towards the incredible power of his un-ending hand.


This site is also for the purpose of sharing free material works to the biblically inclined, or whomever would like to read them.  You are not required to believe them as genuine if you do not want to believe that they are, but keep in mind that YHWH will judge us all based off his underlying control through either good or bad intentions in what he has purposed for all of mankind as a whole in general, and deeply each individual including as to whether a person would deny or accept the words of his lips, and therefore to put it simply we will all be judged according to all of our intentions in everything that we do.


Message from the writer: "I Will always strive to the best of my personal ability by the true power of the master Yahushuah to be as truthful concerning all spiritual related topics, or otherwise as it is humanly possible for myself to acomplish, though as to every discerning person you should always look before you think, and investigate before you acknowledge" ~Joel


NOTE: If you find any inconsistancies with this site, or with my written works, ect such as any typo, incorrect spacing, punctuation issues, missing word definition, mispronounciation of foreign words, and so forth then if you would like to contact me about it the link for the e-mail page is down below. Also I will let people know that I am not really much of a hebraic person as far as my linguil skills, and therfore my Hebrew understanding currently only amounts to a few words, and phrases.


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