"The wicked shall flee though no one persues, But the righteous are as bold as a lion."


"The Brazen Works" (Modern Works of Yah)



The main mission for the creation of this site is to provide the "biblical style" works of which the writer began to compile during early 2014 (within the first 3 months), and had completed the first seven of his first set of ten "The Empowerent of Mankind" by mid-late 2015, and will give a much deeper insight into the heavenly wisdom of the Most High El of whom is the true author of these works in the very highest possible regard, but were written down from scratch by "The Lion Writer"  (Joel A. Russo) except for some biblical verse inserts that may be present within them, if you would like to be "technical", though they are still completely new works in there entirety. The scriptural verses that have been used in these poems are mainly "based" of the HS (Halleluyah Scriptures) Translation (I have no direct affiliation with there project), and they were finely knit together in this poetry with a writing method that The Lion Writer has labeled as a form of verse-grafting of which in actuality has been done throughout the whole Book of Psalms in the true Qodesh Scriptures ("The Holy Bible"). Joel (technically YHWH) has given 100% FULL PERMISSION to everyone without a single copyright restriction to share these works with anyone, and with any medium. I do not give "direct" permission to alter any of these workings, however as a form of artistic expression for those who would like to use any piece of this poetry in your own may do so.


This includes printed copies to other people whether by digital transport platforms such as an on-line cloud, P2P (bittorrent, ect), you can make your own video about them, and stick them on a video hosting site such as youtube, vimeo, ect, or you can even place a link on your own site leading to them whether the main URL: http://www.brazenlion.com, The Brazen Works page, a PDF link, or an FTP link, so on, and so forth if you would like to do so. The following works are absolutely free of charge to anyone that may be interested in the word of our father YHWH. The only one single thing that I ask of people, and this is not for my own personal glorification, but for a witness as to there origin (This is not a requirement, but only a request) would be to place the name of this site (BRAZENLION.COM) within the medium that you are using of which will bring more interested people to share with other's as well. The need to give the writers name directly is also not a necessity if the person applying the medium does not want to give it, and also advertising this site is for the intention of not making it way too easy for people to accuse Joel the writer of stealing his own works being that he also believes in freedom of information. The PDF documents that are provided by the writer are as far as fixing/improving typos, punctuation, or general formatting can be subject to recieving an update, though it is very unlikely for the actual text to be changed in any way *ACCORDING TO ANY GIVEN VERSION* (But Not Impossible) unless they are bridge words (SUCH AS, if, that, they, the, and, from, ect) or vise versa, and the PDF links will preferably stay the same as long as it is possible to do so.



Pages for Personal Works



The following links are for my currently completed works (writings, ect)



NOTE: All of these works are currently only written in english (I may be able to write these in a handful of languages, but i'm really not sure... I May Try Spanish for example, but I cannot make an Indefinite Guarantee), and only being a fluent english speaking person currently I do not have any difinitive plans to convert these over to other languages myself, however if others would like to do so unoffically in there own language, and if they know that it can be done PROPERLY then you can by all means do so. The only few things that I ask of people concerning this is that you provide a seperate name for the translator (If you are using a name for the translator) along with the name of the original writer in whatever medium that you are using, and even though I do prefer to have them given out at no cost, however if anyone does this just please do not give these writings out for any more than what it costs you for materials (ie, paper, ink, ect }, and sorry that does not include a persons time (These were given freely so then you should donate your time whenever possible), but only *DIRECT* personal cost to yourself. Also you may want to use the date of whatever revision of these works that you are using if anyone plans to do a translation in order that people know which revision it is derived from, and also your own date of compilation for any translation of them due to the fact that I will probably update them every so often.


PLEASE USE WITH CAUTION: Please use these written works with extreme Care especially if you live in a heavily persecuted area of the world, but at the same time do not be afraid to do so because we have more to fear from YHWH than we do from men of this world. Remember there is a time, and place for everything, however there are many situations as to were it would not be wise to recite against people face to face because in this age it may not be the greatest idea under MOST circumstances, but not necessarily altogether.



The Ten Commandments of Master YHWH






QODESHAH QODESHAH QODESHAH! We All Must Put on Qodeshah Says Master YHWH!







#1. You have no Other Mighty One's against my face.


#2. You do not make for yourself a carved image.


#3. You do not bring the name of YHWH your Elohim (God) to Nothing.


#4. Remember the Shabbath Day, and Qadosh it.


#5. Respect your father, and your mother.


#6. You do not murder.


#7. You do not commit adultery.


#8. You do not steal.


#9. You do not bear false witness.


#10. You do not covet.







"Love YHWH your Elohim with all your Heart, and with all your Being, and with all your Mind; Strive with him in the complete Strength of Your Spirit, and bring reverence to him in the heights of the shamayim with the highest possible truth that can be striven"



[Matthew (Mattithyahu) Chapter 22: Verse 37] / Joel "The Lion Writer"






Last Updated: 10-16-2016






"Please Take Note of the Verse stated on the Top of Psalm #1 [HIDDEN] (Luke 12:48) before making a comitment to Yah our creator which implies that there will be a greater expectation for the responsibility of the person that reads them meaning that YHWH may require more of you if he decides to prosper you on account of them, and the more he prospers the more he requires of each person"




"With Great Power comes Responsibility"



(This Quote essentially means the same as Luke 12:48, but in different words)



PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF ONE LAST THING: The first Psalm written by the Author in "The Lion of Yahudah is the Beast within" [HIDDEN] is the Key to Understanding all of the other works written in conjuction, and therefore if you are a new reader please take into consideration the studying of Psalm #1 in the "Brazen Works" before-hand, and then secondarily the first three psalms before you study any of the other Psalms Written down by Joel. The different provided version were not only created with diversity in mind, but also specifically for study comparision between one another in order for learning puposes of word meaning, ect, and therefore I highly suggest comparing multiple version of these works if any person studies them. The studying of these can also be done with your bible of which I sugguest as well. AS IT SAYS IN SCRIPTURE YOU WILL ONLY GET AS MUCH OUT OF YOUR REQUESTS AS THE AMOUNT OF INTENTFUL EFFORT PUT FOWARD BY EACH PERSON INDIVIDUALLY, AND ALTOGETHER AS A WHOLE.



"24 Strive to enter through the narrow gate, because many, I say to you, shall seek to enter in and shall not be able."


[Luke (Luqas) Chapter 13: Verse 24]



NOTE: I do suggest the following verses for understanding how to eradicate the plague of transgression which would be as far as the significance that the author is specifically, and currently aware of would be [1Enoch (Hanoch): Chapters: 1-5, 10, and 15].





Currently Available Works: (14 COMPLETED)




The Prayer Introduction Page: (7 currently finished) [7 LEHV, 1 LRV, 1 AGV]



The Poem Introduction Page: (7 currently finished) [7 MEHV, 5 LEV, 4 GV]




For any person that would like to Read/Recite these regularly I have a Suggestion Page (Opens in New Tab) of which is Intended for this purpose whether It be Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, or All of The Above, and also for anyone interested in other "Christian-Based" I do suggest checking the link page labeled "Scriptural Knowledge" for the benefit of enlightening yourself with a study of Biblical / Scriptural based topics, related news, ect.



This is the subdomain where you can download my personal works: http://works.brazenlion.com (The main page still needs to be constructed though the PDF's are still present within this subdomain of which can be found on the pages linked above.)