"The Call of The Devoted" (Intensive Prayer)


This particular page is MAINLY for those that either are, or seeking to become full dedicated servants of YHWH Most High who is the creator of All Things. The purpose of this page is basically for the intensive prayer of a person's specific request, and in order to "seal" your request by the intent towards Yah our father in greater effort for we will only get as much out of what we do as the amount of effort, and patience that we put forth. The author will also show how to contruct your own focus, and also the Intent/Direction of it as well, and provide additional. Remember keep in mind that all should before any person dedicate himself to him fully have found there comfort zone in Messiah because we really should not make such a powerful vow to him as such unless we are ready, and by "intensive prayer" the author also implies that anyone can repeat the focus as many times as desired, though it is better to start off small sometimes than to do too much all at once.


"4 When you make a vow to Elohim, do not delay to pay it, for he takes no pleasure in fools. Pay that which you have vowed. 5 It is better not to vow than to vow and not pay. 6 Do not allow your mouth to cause your flesh to Break Away (Sin), Nor say before the messenger of Elohim that it was a mistake. Why should Elohim be wroth at your voice and destroy the work of your hands? 7 For in much dreaming and many words there is futility. But revere Elohim."


[Ecclesiates (Qoheleth) Chapter 5: Verses 4-7]



Becareful to All people not to take an Adversary/Adversity-Like "Clause" by Accepting the False abominations of Foreign God's and Idols esspecially the kind of another person's ways, or the False Holidays that do nothing except continue to feed the Idleness when accepting the saving power of your creator, or it will serve as a stumbling block to divide a person into the acceptance of "Ba'al Worship". Falsley accepted ways are a form of idle worship, and the Source of a person's disobedience is also a form of idolatary.



An Example of a Wrongful Pledge:



Santa + Clause = Adversary-Like Buisness Agreement






The True Belief + Idol Worship = Ba'al Worship


Christian Belief + Ba'al Worship = Ba'al Worship


Abel + Cain = Cain (7-Fold) + Lamech (77-Fold) + The Sin of Azaz'el by Offspring of Lamech (777-Fold???)


Spiritual Cleanness + Spiritual Uncleaness = Spiritual Defilement of a Person's Own Sanctity, and Authority


The Light of Life + "Darkness that is not Light" = A Corrupt, and Double-Minded Heart.


The Christian Belief is not a Commodity, but are BARE TEACHINGS of Man's Origins.


Do Not Accept The "Glitterbug" COVET Means, but Remember the 10th Commandment


This Applies to Not just the Qodesh Scriptures, but also to everything that we do as well.


Good (The "Woman" of Wisdom, Proverbs) + Bad (The Evil Mystery of Whoring) = BAD! (Sitting on the Beast of Revelation)






"Only For Ears that are willing to Hear, and Eyes that are willing to See"




Santa = Satan (as an anagram) of which stems from the Hebrew Term Ha'Satan a word that basically means "Adversary" or "The Adversary"



Clause = Agreemeent, or Buisness Agreement (Hopefully not the Monster "CLAWS" that lives in somebody's basement)



If these terms are Put together into one meaning then what would be the openly visible result???



SANTA (SATAN) + CLAUSE (AGREEMENT) = An "Adversity-Like Agreement"



Scripture Does say to Avoid these types of Pledges/Vows, and an example is in [Matthew Chapter 5: Verse 34]



A General Example of How these Pagan Holidays would amount to in there application...



Valentine's Day: (The "God" Cupid): This Holiday Gets People emotionally built up, and emotionally attached to the worship of idols early in the year.



[There is a difference between "Easter", and The REAL Passover (Most People likely do not know this day either because the real day may have been lost in antiquity), and just to make clear the author would prefer not insult others for believing this on purpose]


Halloween: (A holiday historically tied to witchcraft, and other occult practices) (an Occult Holiday based off of the Old Mysteries of the Pre-Flood Era that feeds off of the ignorance of a fake materialistc spiritual counterfeit of human spirituality, and the Evil Mysteries of Disobedience, Utilmately the unclean nature that is against the Teachings of Hai (Life) that were engraved into adam at his early conception which simplified is "You can do this", but "You Cannot do That!")


[The Ancient Mysteries were brought to the Earth by Azaz'el (Abaddon/Appollyon/Osiris/Angel/Messenger of the Bottomless PIt) according to the book of Enoch that were brought forth by the messengers that had broken away from the Father's WORD, and brought forth there unclean offspring, and this plays a major part in all the UNCLEANESS on the earth as it is written about in the Book of Enoch / Hanock] (More specifically: Enoch Chapters 15-16, Must be mindful of Mistakes in the Modern Text). This messenger is the reason the Yisra'elites (Israelites) have in times past have offered burn sacrafices of Goats throughtout the course of History as a sacrament to atone for what this messenger had done in that he brought much Breaking Away (Sin) from the true teachings of life, and also for mankind's sin offering (just simply put the Most High God gave them this in order to give them a reason to make an intentful sin offering to him as with the example of Cain / Abel) [The Book of Genesis Chapter 4]



Recommended Article: (The Goat for Azaz'el)



Christmas: (This Holiday is mocking of Christ's Birthday for He could not have been born during this time of year because the sheperds in Yisra'el would not have been able to go out to meet him in the freezing temperatures in that region during that time of year (especially NOT AT NIGHT, Luke 2:8-20), and it is also recognized as a "Satanist" Day of Worship, or in other words Ba'al Worship). The Scriptures also say this in regard to keeping a person's birthday [Ecclesiastes 7:1].



New Year's Eve: This is basically a "Sealing" of the Agreement of the Prior Holiday, and into a Psuedo-righteous vow of Unclean Worship of the Most High El (God, Mighty One) to worshiping Idolatary including just common false ways accepted unknowingly on a regular basis including the habits, and evil imagery accepted from other people, and material possessions, or MAMMON of which the Greed of Lust has caused many to fall into an empty pit of the Power over Knowledge as Adam & Eve were tempted in the Garden ultimately allowing Ha' Satan (The Adversary) to give birth to His fake Christ (Azaz'el), and The Spirit of Izabel (Jezebel) (Ultimately pertaining to the leader of the rebellious angels, but also the false PROPHETESS as well) that is allowing in these End-Times for the Authority of Yahushuah (Jesus) to be Temporarily usurped before the coming of the Millennial Reign of Messiah Yahushuah as written in the Qodesh (Sanctified) Scriptures, and written concerning the One Year that The Anti-Christ will reign before Messiah Returns.


Reference: An Ocultist would likely call this a sort of "Binding Seal", or some form of "Magic" / "Spell" if it were to pertain in this way, but we are not intended as believers to overly-acknowledge these things to best of our ability because idol attention esspectially concerning the Mysteries is a primary distraction to draw people away from the Presence of The Mighty One through the Spiritual Uncleaness of Offspring that were not born in the shamayim (Heaven), rather born on Earth by Sactified Messengers, and The Daughters of Men [Enoch - Chapters 7, 9, 10 , and Genesis Chapter 6]



NOTE: [The Book of Enoch / Hanoch Chapter 10] This could very well be linked to the Healing of the Earth in the End-Times as well when it is compared to the verse in scripture of which says "as in the days of Noah so it will be in the coming of the son of man" (meaning that it will be mirrored in a SIMILAR way, but "Not Necessarily" the *SAME* EXACT WAY if applied to the Prophecy of the latter days when The Almighty Yah will be sending out "The Spirit, and Power of Elijah (EliYahu)"




Before I explain NO the author is not insulting people because there is an actual hidden aggreement / anagram in this term that most people do not realize.








Step #1: First think of a REASONABLE request that is WITHIN your own understanding of things, and remember you should NEVER ASK for anything that defies prophecy, or that you do not FULLY comprehend. All things are possible, but do not be rediculous in your request because if you test him in this way he may not bring it about, or you may find yourself overwhelmed with trembling on account of it when he tests you, and you see your request fufilled ("An Eye for an Eye, and a Tooth for a Tooth"). There is an expectation of responsibility to a certain degree in that we should not ask of him for certain things just out of respect, but then he is ultimately the judge of that in the highest sense, and not a human being which is why we need to confirm as much as we can by his Spirit as to whether something be worthwhile to ask. "Knock, and you Shall Recieve" / "All It takes is the amount of believe the size of a Mustard Seed, and ALL THINGS are possible". How much more so would the magnitude of a request be if any person have a fervent belief with the boldness of a Lion?








"To Bring Forth Endless Peace, and Cancel Out the End-Times before all has been fufilled"


(This would obviously defy Prophecy if the person be familiar with it, and will likely cause the request to be left void)




"To Bring forth the rain as multi-colored Skittles"


(This one would be so "rediculous", and difficult for just about anyone to understand under "normal" circumstances unless it were blamed on an overflying plain, but regardless would still be a fulfillment of the request)





"Smite my [Fill in the Blank] because I just simply cannot stand them/him/her"


(This kind of blind request I DO NOT RECOMMEND because it will more than likely come back onto the person in an unpleasant manner even if Yah were to grant the request)




"To Bring to the Person a Capable Spouse who shares the Same Commonalities"


(Even something like this is a very legitimate request from YHWH if you are not dedicated to chasity in Mashiah)




"To Fill The World with Peace wherever it is needed Most of All"


(Again this is another legitimate request, because it is not overly-specific in ways that most do not understand, or in other words it is being presented as more of a generality rather than an overly-specific request)




"To Smite All my enemies Back-Ward if I have the Moral HIgh-Ground"


(This particular request is more specific in ways than the last, however still not overly-specific, and also still in a generality)



Step #2: Figure out where it is being directed in whether it is specifically isolated to one, person, place, thing, or multi-facted by taking a piece of paper, and a pen, and writing down the key issues that you would like to include.








[Poverty + Rampant Violence + Corruption + Natural Disasters + Truth]



Poverty = Bring Prosperity to the Poor, and Destitute


Rampant Violence = Quench the Fire of Destruction


Corruption = Root out The World Corruption


Natural Disasters = Help During Chaos


Truth = Bring The Light of Honesty



Compiling Key Factors: Bring Prosperity to the Poor, and Destitute + Quench The Fire of Destruction + Root out The World Corruption + Help During Chaos + Bring the Light of Honesty:


Recital Suggestion: "To Root Out Corruption, and The Fire of Desolation in Order to Help During the Chaos of Earth's Disasters in order to Bring Prosperity to the Poor, and Destitute by the Light of Truth"


Step #3: The Last Step is probably the easiest step to perform All that needs to be done is to choose the recital order in conjuction with what you are asking, and the nature of each key factor, and also the overall request in combination, and remember even if they do have a more specific theme the overall theme is still variable as well.





For Step #2 Recital Suggestion: "To Root Out Corruption, and The Fire of Desolation in Order to Help During the Chaos of Earth's Disasters in order to Bring Prosperity to the Poor, and Destitute by the Light of Truth"


Recital Order: "To Root Out Corruption, and the Fire of Desolation" = SWORD (Psalm 5), "In Order to Help During the Chaos of Earth's Disasters" = ARMOR (Psalm 4), "To Bring Prosperity to the Poor, and Destitute" = PRAISE (Psalm 7), "By The Light of Truth" = GUARD (Prayer 3).



Final Suggestion:



"The Sword of the Armor Bearer, and The Praise of the Guardian"



Additional Note: When making a pledge to perform an intensive prayer it is always a good idea to set a recitation goal as to how many times you will reciting for the same exact focus for example the writer's minimum goal ranges from 1-5 recitations (for beginners he recommends 1-3, and then go on from there), a "mediumish" goal about 5-10, and a high goal about 10-20, and anything beyond that is in part up to the reader. REMEMBER the more effort put forth by a person in belief the more YHWH will reward that person for there good works, and grant there request, but remember know what you are asking for before you ask.



IMPORTANT: For those individuals that do Not Know there is a Verse in scripture that is particularly important to point out because it revolves around in part the great majority of human health that many people have proclaimed through the imerging of natural medicines of which involves the condition of the lower internal organs. The reason for pointing this out is for the purpose that if we are to make a clear pledge to YHWH we need to take care of our bodies of which are the Mishkan (Temple) of YHWH. The author remembers reading something concerning the Essenes which is an ancient Messianic Group (Bassically the early roots where the Modern christian belief resides), and that there is one particular thing that any believer should consider contemplating. The Essenes whether or not you believe to have been a true servant of Messiah engaged in a medical practice that we all know as an Enema of which they believed would keep the Devil at bay, and well despite what people would normally interpret from this in ignorance there is actually some validity to taking care of one's bowels. The reason being is that if it is true as to what many people are saying now that the *MAJORITY* of Disease revolves around this part of the body then it would obviously be a prime target of the Ancient Adversary if he were real right? Meaning that not because of Rigid belief does the author believe this, but because it can seriously debilitate the body which in term weakens the spirit within a person essentially allowing the Adversary to more easily corrupt, afflict, and terrorize. The following verse has multiple meanings just as any other parable by which most people usually do not interperet this one in the same way that the author is about to show.


"15 And calling the crowd to Him (Messiah), He said to them, Hear Me, everyone, and understand; 16 There is no matter that enters a man from outside which is able to defile him, but it is what comes OUT OF HIM that defiles him. If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear!"


[Mark (Marquos) 7:15-16]



Normally this verse would be interpreted SOLEY as pertaining about what comes out of the mouth that can make a person spirtually unclean, but then the author will go further with this by explaining the next verses.


"17 And when He (Messiah) went from the crowd into a house, His talmidim asked Him concerning the parable. 18 And he said to them, 'Are you also without understanding? Do you not percieve that whatever enters a man from outside is unable to defile him, 19 Because it does not enter his heart but his stomach, and is cast into the sewer, thus purging all the foods?' 20 And He said 'WHAT COMES OUT OF A MAN, THAT DEFILES A MAN'."


[Mark (Marquos) 7:17-20]


The extended explanation of this parable is pertaining more specifically as to the common interpretation can actually be applied in a sense in conjunction with toxins, and any other kind of garbage that the body converts it into human waste, and then passes through then out often causing one of the most debilitating. and common problems of which is inflamation. The author ensures himself that many of us know how this part of human health can greatly impact our BEHAVIOR (such as pain, fatigue, ect) as well, and all of which can be applied to the first explanation in what comes out of the mouth of a person that is not good because this problem has the capacity to ADVERSLY effect the way that a human behaves. A long story short is that we should all consider most definately in taking care of this part of our bodies in order that we are able to make a proper pledge to YHWH our creator.





Posted, and Written by: Joel Adam Russo ("The Lion Writer")



The following is something that the author has placed ("The Lion Writer") in order to give people a method to spiritually cleanse themselves from Trangression, and Oppression before they make a pledge to YHWH the Creator of the Shamayim (Heaven), and Earth in order that a person will be able to make a Clear Pledge to YHWH. First off Equipping a person with the knowledge of these "principal" devices, and keeping it on the fore-thought is what gives a person the power over these evil devices when properly required to acknowledge them in order to resolve a problem. It is best to know these manuscripts in as pure of there original form in order to equip the person's mind with the knowledge of these things in order to be able to acknowledge, and resolve an issue of this kind.


Step #1: Read and do thorough study on [1Hanok / 1Enoch Chapters 1-11] to give insight on this power piece of Pre-Flood History of which is one of the only ancient books that we have that can be used to understand more of the nature of the earth, and also of how he dealt with those who break away from the pure unadulterated teachings of hai (Life) of which are not some "commodity", or "commercialized religion", and just simply the bare teachings on how a person should live before his face from the early conception of man. For those who REALLY DO want to SEE the SUN All must cleanse themselves of Idleness in order that they do not attempt to understand these things in idleness, and then have become too deeply embedded in there own way of life of which would amount to NOTHING.


Simply Put: A person *MUST WANT TO SEARCH DEEPLY, and EARNESTLY with a FERVID HEAT* in order to find the CHILD-LIKE INTELECT of Elohim (God) in order to be cleansed the being from carnal knowledge that would be considered evil in the eyes of YHWH our father, and Creator in order to understand these things with discernment, and a Clear / Concise Being.


"No person should accept the idea in there thoughts of: "My way is already perfect", or "I already know it all", or "I am always right", or rather "I ALREADY KNOW!" when it is the *CONTINUAL* reverence of the Most High in keeping his commands that opens the willing servant of his great presence to have the will, and knowledge to understand ALL THINGS. Now who put wisdom in the inward parts, do a human being put them here, or perhaps an entity of somekind that had an end conclusion that essentially would imply an origin of death, and nothingness (Vainess, Emptiness) meaning that it would have been created from NOTHING? The continuation of Idleness is nothing more than an empty pit of turning the same idea upside down of which leads to the loss of ones knowledge not the opposite, and a continual abyss of breaking down (destruction) until there is nothing left.


~Joel Adam Russo ("The Lion Writer")~



Step #2:



"Study, and then read out-loud the following in order to prepare oneself for dealing with spiritual matters"




[1Hanok (1Enoch) Chapter 12-14]


"For the preperation in dealing with spiritual matters"


"This can be done before a regular bath, but it is suggested not to take these matters overly-serious, but with a sound mind."





"1 Before these matters Hanok (Enoch) was HIDDEN, and none of the children of men knew where he was HIDDEN, or where he abode, and what had become of him. 2 And his activities had to do with the watchers, and his days were with the Sanctified Ones. 3 And I, Hanok, barak, YHWH of majesty and the Sovereign of the ages, and See! The watchers called me Enoch the Scribe, and said to me. 4 "Hanok , you Scribe of righteousness, go, declare to the watchers of the shamayim (Heavens) who have left the high shamayim (Heaven), the sanctified (holy) Age-Lasting place, and have defiled themselves with women, and have done as the children of earth do, and have taken to yourselves wives, "You have wrought great breaking down (destruction) on the earth. 5 'And you will have no peace nor forgiveness of Breaking Away (Sin); and inasmuch as they delight themselves in there children. 6 'the murder of your beloved ones will they see, and the Breaking Down (Destruction) of their children will they lament, and will make supplication into the ages, but compassion, and peace will you not attain.'"




"1 And Hanok went and said, "Azaz'el, you will have no peace. A severe sentence has gone forth to put you in BONDS, 2 And you WILL NOT have toleration or request granted to you , because of the unrighteousness you have taught, and because of all the works of wickedness and unrighteousess and Breaking Away (Sin) you have shown to men." 3 Then I went and spoke to them all-together, and THEY WERE ALL AFRAID, AND GREAT FEAR, AND TREMBLING SEIZED THEM. 4 And they pleaded with me to draw up a petition in the presence YHWH of the shamayim (Heaven/s). 5 For from theron they could not speak nor lift up their eyes to the shamayim (heaven/s) for SHAME of there Breaking's Away (Sins) for which they had been right-fully judged against (condemned). 6 then I wrote out their petition, and the prayer in regard to their deeds individually, and in regard to their requests that they should have forgiveness, and length. 7 And I went off and sat down at the waters of Dan, in the land of Dan, to the south-west of Hermon, I read their petition until I fell asleep. 8 And see a dream came to me, and visions fell down upon me, and I say visions of REBUKE, and a voice came bidding to tell it to the sons of the shamayim (heaven/s), and REPRIMAND them. 9 And when I awoke, I came to them, and they were all sitting gathered together, weeping in Abeltsayil (Abilsjail), which is between Lebanon and Seneser, with their faces covered. 10 and I recounted before them all the visions which I had seen in sleep, and began I began to speak the words of righteousness, and to reprimand the watchers of the shamayim (heaven/s)."





"1 The Book of the Words of righteousness, and of the reprimand of the Age-Lasting watchers in accordance with the command of the Sanctified (Holy) Great One in that vision. 2 I saw in my sleep what I will now say with a tongue of flesh, and with the breath of my mouth, which the Great One has given to men to converse with and understand with the heart. 3 As he has created and given to man THE POWER TO UNDERSTAND THE WORD OF WISDOM, so has he created me also and given me the POWER of REPRIMANDING the Watchers, the children of the shamayim (heaven/s). 4 "I wrote out your petition, and in my vision it appeared thus, that your petition will not be granted to you throughout all the days THE AGES (eternity), and that judgement has been finally passed on you, even so will not be granted to you. 5 "And from hereon you will not ascend into the shamayim (heaven/s) THROUGHOUT (UNTO) ALL THE AGES, and in bonds of the earth the decree has gone forth to bind you for ALL THE DAYS OF THE WORLD. 6 "And previously you will have seen the breaking down (destruction) of your beloved sons and you will  have no pleasure in them, but They will fall before you by the SWORD. 7 "And your petition on their behalf will not be granted, neither yet on your own, even though you weep and pray and speak all the words in the writing which I have written. 8 And the vision was shown to me thus; See, in the vision, clouds invited me and a mist summoned me, and the course of the stars and the lightnings sped and hastened me, and the winds in the vision caused me to fly and lifted me upward, and carried me into the shamayim (heaven/s). 9 And I went in until I drew near to a wall which is built of crystals and surrounded by tongues of fire, and it began to TEST ("terrorize") me. 10 And I "WENT INTO" the tongues of fire and drew near to a large house which was built of crystals, and the walls of the house were like a mosaic floor of crystals, and the walls of the house were like a mosaic floor of crystals, and it's groundwork was of crystal. 11 Its ceiling was like the path of the stars and the lightnings, and between them were fiery kerubim, and their shamayim (heaven/s) was as water. 12 A flaming fire surrounded the walls and it's portals blazed with fire. 13 And I entered into the house, and it was hot as fire, and as cold as ice. There were no delights of life therein; fear covered me, and trembling took hold of me. 14 And as I quaked and trembled, I fell upon my face. 15 And I saw a vision, and see! There was a second house greater than the former, and the entire portal stood open before me, and it was built of flames of fire. 16. And in every respect it so excelled in splendour and magnifigance and extent that I cannot describe to you it's splendour and it's extent. 17 And its floor was of fire, and above it were lightnings, and the path of the stars, and its ceiling also was flaming fire. 18 And I looked and saw therein a high throne, its appearance as crystal, and the wheels thereof as the SHINING SUN and there were was a vision of kerubim (cherub's). 19 And from underneath the throne came streams of flaming fire so that I could not look upon it. 20 And the Great Esteem sat upon it, and His garments shone more brightly than the sun and were whiter than any snow. 21 None of the messengers could enter and look upon His face because of the magnificence and esteem, and no flesh could look upon Him. 22 The flaming fire was round about him, and a great fire stood before Him, and none around could draw near Him, Ten thousand times ten thousand before Him, yet he needed no counselor. 23 And the most Sanctified Ones (holy ones) who were near to Him did not leave by night neither depart from him. 24 And until then I had been prostrate on my face, trembling, and YHWH called me with His own mouth, and said to me, 'Come here, Hanok, and hear my word.' 25 And one of the sactified ones (holy ones) came to me and woke me, and he made me rise up and approach the door, and I bowed my face downwards."



"These would be the next steps, but keep in mind there is no "sure-fire" way to this sort of thing, and mainly to trust in The Mighty One of Ya'aqob (Jacob)."



Step #3: Read [1Hanok (1Enoch) Chapters 15-16] in the same context as what was shown above for casting away spiritual problems AFTER WORDS.


Step #4: Read, Study, and then Recite Prayer [RESIST] followed by studying, and then reciting Psalm [HIDDEN] perferably by song.


Step # 5: Study, and read Psalms 12, and 54 in the qodesh (holy) writings ("Main-stream" Bible Cannon), and the clearer that a person understands them in there original context by his WORD the better.





Updated: 4-7-2017









 [Pledge: Right-Ruling]



"The Strong Man's Secret of Resilliant Praise who is The Guardian, and Armorer of Favorful Appearance, and the Enduring Cleanliness of Mankind's Healing"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 1] + [Prayer 1] + [Psalm 7] + [Prayer 3] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 4] + [Prayer 2] + [Psalm 6] + [Prayer 6] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 5]




"The Guardian's Armor of Cleanliness"


[Prayer 3] + [Psalm 4] + [Prayer 6]

NOTE: With this particular Focus it is EXTREMELY ADVISABLE (Not that I'm trying to scare people out of it...) that each person know that they understand there vows in YHWH, and also have found there "Comfort Zone" in MESSIAH before you commit to this focus if you are not sure what I am speaking of then please refer to the verse closer to the top of the page which is [Ecclesiates 5:4-7], but remember our heavenly father is the most forgiving, and understanding being in the universe, and therefore if you make a mistake make sure that you make supplication to him, and pray for forgiveness. As far as the use of Oil I personally use at least 10-20 drops of Hyssop Oil for bathing water (Also attested for it's Disinfecting Properties) which can get expensive, but not it's not really a requirment, and Olive Oil for an anointing (If you are worried about a mess just take a nice dab of it with your two fingers, and smear it on your forehead, but keep the oil as far away from your eyes as possible). The best way for a person to cleanse themselves in this way from my experience is for people to do this themselves, and also it is better to place a small portion of the Olive Oil that you have designated for use in a bathtub, and the rest poured over your head with it angled downward, but ONLY if you will not have any difficulty slipping which is really one of the only downsides to this method (NO MORE THAN ABOUT 1/4 CUP OF OLIVE OIL which is probably more than you need, Most Bathtubs will only need about 2 Dram, or 1/2 FL OZ, but it would be better for most to use a small dropper bottle over the head) even more so if you use hyssop oil it is a good idea to put some of the Olive Oil into the tub as a "carrier oil" with it, and then work it deep within the skin (Oil Penetrates Deep within the skin), but I only suggest this method for someone who may be prepared for a STRONGER Annointing, and also These kinds of Clean & Anoint Focuses can be repeated regularly even more so if you are ready for that level of comitment. REMEMBER the stronger the Anointing the more the Father will require of that person meaning the more weight that he may put on there shoulders. Now one last issue that I will point out, and that is as far as the Olive Oil it probably will not cause any serious problems with the eyes as long as you keep the bulk of it out of them, but if a person were to use more than say about 10 drops of hyssop oil (Personally I do not have any issues with this myself) in the Tub then you "MAY" depending as to whether the person be more acutely sensitive in the eyes have an issue if you dunk your head in the water so then always keep a towel on hand next to you when you do this, and also be careful not to splash oil around to much though then for cleaning a Tub just empty the water and use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle let it set for a few minutes, and then wipe the excess oil out with a towel. The Author does plan to create a PDF Routine for Cleansing, and Anointings eventually in the future. Anyone can mix essential Oils together if they would like too for example one of the personal blends that the author uses is 10 drops Hyssop, 10 Drops Myrhh, and 10 Drops Frankincense (Maybe 3 Drops of each Would be better, or one can create a Half/Half Mixture of Frankincence / Myrhh, and use 3 Drops at a time of which can go a long way if used sparingly), but any person performing this should still be careful as to how much essential oil you use overall in order not to make it too strong for whomever's eyes if they dunk, or lay there head in the water, and also I almost forgot you need to wipe yourself down Extremely well with a towel before you put on any clothing so as not to stain them (Note I do not know if there will be a serious issues putting a towel with traces of oil on it through a washer with other clothing, and so if you wish to play it safe you may only want to use the same towel no more than twice, and maybe put your anointing towels in as a seperate washing load). A THOUGHT ABOVE THE SERIOUSNESS REMEMBER NOT TO BE OVERLY-SERIOUS TOWARDS HIM WHICH CAN DEFEAT THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF REVERING HIM, AND ALSO DO NOT BE SUPRISED IF YHWH TESTS ANY PERSON BY THIS FOCUS OF WHICH IS HIS SONS WAY OF KNOWING THE QUALITY OF THE MATERIAL (IE GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, ECT), AND ANY PERSON THAT HAS DONE ANYTHING EVIL AFTER A CLEANSING / ANNOINTING REMEMBER ALSO THAT HE KNOWS THAT WE ARE ONLY FLESH & BLOOD IN THAT WE CAN STILL MAKE MISTAKES THERFORE EVEN IN THE SPIRITUAL SENSE WE CAN STILL HAVE A "HEALING CRISIS" OF THIS SORT BEFORE WE BECOME FULLY CLEAN BY HIS WORD, BUT IN THE EVENT OF AN EVIL ACT ONE NEEDS TO RESIST, AND MAKE SUPPLICATION TO HIM FOR THERE OWN SPIRITUAL CLEANLINESS. I ALSO RECOMMEND FIGURING OUT ANOTHER FOCUS LATER IN THE DAY AFTER YOU DO YOUR CLEAN & ANOINT FOCUS THAT CAN BE DONE ANY DAY, BUT I DO SUGGEST AT MINIMUM DOING THIS BEFORE SUNDOWN ON FRIDAY WHEN THE WEEKLY SABBATH BEGINS.









"The Strength, and Power of Resilliance"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 1]









"The Resilliant Power, and The Armor of Healing"


[Prayer 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 4] + [Prayer 5]









"The Healer's Secret Power of Mankind, and The Armor of Cleanliness"


[Prayer 5] + [Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 3] + [Psalm 4] + [Prayer 6]









"The Sword of the Guardian, and the Power of Cleanliness"


[Psalm 5] + [Prayer 3] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 6]







"The Favor of Enduring Praise, and Cleansing"


[Prayer 2] + [Psalm 6] + [Psalm 7] + [Prayer 6]





[Pledge: Clear Evil]




"The Strong Man's Revealing Resilliance of The Powerful Guard's Armor who is the Swordsman of Enduring Favor, and The Praise of Cleanliness"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 1] + [Prayer 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 3] + [Psalm 4] + [Psalm 5] + [Psalm 6] + [Prayer 2] + [Psalm 7] + [Prayer 6]


"To Send the SWORD against all that is Evil in the Eyes of YHWH within an area, or Neighborhood to Cleanse, and Reveal Evil"





[Pledge: Weekly Sabbath]




"The Resilliance, and The Hidden Power of Mankind's Mercy"


[Prayer 1] + [Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] +  [Prayer 7]


"To make Supplication to YHWH the Father of Creation in order for his Qadosh (Holy) One's to Remain in Cleanliness"




[Pledge: High Sabbath]





"All the First Ten Prayers, and Psalms that have been Created thus far in this fashion: Prayer/Psalm/Prayer/Psalm"


[Prayer 1] + [Psalm 1] + [Prayer 2] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 3] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 4] + [Psalm 4] + [Prayer 5] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 6] + [Psalm 6] + [Prayer 7] + [Psalm 7] + [Prayer 8] + [Psalm 8] + [Prayer 9] + [Psalm 9] + [Prayer 10] + [Psalm 10]






"To make Supplication to YHWH the Father of Creation in order for his Qadosh (Holy) One's to Remain in Cleanliness"






[Pledge: Yom Kippur]





"All the First Ten Prayers, and Psalms that have been Created thus far in this fashion: Prayer/Psalm/Prayer/Psalm"


[Prayer 1] + [Psalm 1] + [Prayer 2] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 3] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 4] + [Psalm 4] + [Prayer 5] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 6] + [Psalm 6] + [Prayer 7] + [Psalm 7] + [Prayer 8] + [Psalm 8] + [Prayer 9] + [Psalm 9] + [Prayer 10] + [Psalm 10]






"The Clean Secret, and The Power of Mankind's Mercy"


[Prayer 6] + [Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 7]




"To make Supplication to YHWH for Mankind's Transgressions in order that we will be Forgiven for our Breaking Aways"






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