This is a donation fund mainly to keep online in order to help pay for web hosting costs (ie, annual fees, domain renewal, promotions such as google search submission, ect) of which is not a necessity or at least not currently, however this can help substantially in the future when the time has come for me to pay annually or biannually every so many years (every 1-2 years or so). The secondary priority as far as on a donation basis would be that after the main criteria has been reached beyond excess would be to use this extra for any software needed, or that can be used for improvements related to any of the following: web development, graphics editing, video editing, word processing, and pretty much anything that can improve this site or that is a component of the sites main purpose.


Ok now before you begin to think "I don't think I can trust this site" first of all before you hit that close button on your browser I (the writer) ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT use any of your donations for "direct" personal use unless technically speaking in terms of any excess being used to purchase any potential software in which case I would personally benefit in a sense, however the main intention of this would be to improve this website, my ability to compose any more writings, paper for notes, and so forth. Please also keep in mind folks that I am the only person working on this site, and the only other sort of help that I figure would be needed at best would be to pay for someone else to refine what I have already done myself or to help with minor improve  -ments, and site problems though I do not see that happening in the near future.


Last but not least any donation amount given I believe will help in the long-term, however I will say honestly that there really is no dire need to donate any more than say about 10$ at the moment, and even a 2$ donation would be helpful, and very much appreciated. The Paypal Button is down below if you would like to donate, and this only requires a free, and secure account with paypal of which implies that transactions will only be done directly through paypal. I currently do not take credit cards directly through this site because of the extra cost of SSL Comodo service


NOTICE: Please also make a note to yourself that PAYPAL may also at some point require confirmation from you for any type of donation via your E-Mail address of which I believe may have something to do with some kind of security measure.


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