"The Awakening of Vision" (Poetic Reform)

This page is an alternate Read/Recite Page for those who wish to read the "Brazen Works" that is has been "Themed" particularly around recitation orders concerning the Gift of Dream Visions, Interpretation of Dreams by the Ruach ha' Qodesh (The Holy Spirit), and so forth. This page is for the purpose of stimulating this gift by the Most High God (El) for those who would like to participate in this particular gift of the Ruach ha' Qodesh (The Holy Spirit). The author himself has not particularly had any dream visions currently at the writing of this description, but he does understand, and acknolwledge that the Most High will if you ask him to give that to whomever, whether it is done by reading the brazen works, or just simply asking him in dedication for that gift. The reason why the author himself does not seek everything right now is for the fact that once you begin to realize that all things ultimately stem from the articulation of the human spirit by God (El) the Highest Father is technically a gift of the Holy Spirit, and not just a handful of "beginners" gifts written in what is essentialy a condensed beginner's manual (The Holy Bible). He is ALL, and ALL is HE, and not "The Bible is He, and He is the Bible". The more simplistic explanation to this would be that every form of articulation by the Ruach ha' Qodesh (The Holy Spirit) is a gift of the spirit of YHWH no matter what it is if he be doing so in righteousness.



NOTE: The author does not recommend the participation in any kind of practice that is contrary to that of the Most High God (El), and I do warn against it because any dream can also have an "invader" as well meaning that the Evil Adversary of Mankind, and his servants do have the capacity as well to enter into a person's dreams to twist right-ruling as YHWH the creator can do the same, but rather by spirit the adversary can only really do this unless the father for some reason removes ones hedge, or by exploiting a weakness in a person's body whether by disease, Sin (Breaking Away), or rather a "Chink" in a person's armor as a result of that person still retaining a worldy mind-set in some facet when applying any kind of gift of the Ruach (Spirit) of Yah. One last point from the author: "Do not take anything that YHWH does for any person for granted otherwise he will hold us level to that if those are one's real intentions".



Dream Interpretation:




Example: This is an example of a Dream Interpretation that the author had attempted to interpret on a social network initially, and even though I am not associated with the category of religion, or the random person (Supposedly from California, but not sure) that it was posted under (Which is listed under Buddhism) he still made an attempt regardless (Can be Found here if it is still On-Line), but admits that he could be even a little innacurate being that he is a human being just as any other person that would attempt to interpret a dream, or vision, and therefore before any person make an attempt on there part to plagurize the author under there own fake guise of trendiness, or in other words deny that they are human because the author admits that he is a human being then please first attempt to make sense of what the author presents. The following dream interpretation is an updated version of the one that was originally placed onto the social network. One last thing the author will add is that a lot of people can be pretty narrow minded about how they deal with this sort of thing, but actually certain if not all dreams can also have multiple, or layered meanings, and not always just one meaning, and also If I find anything missing or inaccurate with my sample dream interpretation the author will update the information as it becomes known to him.



Angels Coming Out of Clouds:


Updated: (10-13-2016)



What does it mean? I had a dream about hundreds of thousands of Angels who looked ANGRY flying out of the clouds. Should I be concerned by this dream, and what do you think it means? I wasn't scared of them, but everywhere I looked there was an Angel flying out of the clouds. They weren't the type of Porcelain sweet Angels, these where big, buffed, big, mean looking guys, dressed like Gladiators, huge white wings, and big bronze swords. But in the dream I tried getting people to look at the Angels but no-one would look. That upset me, because I couldn't get anyone to believe. Then I woke up. What does this mean?



Here is an example of what this dream could imply:



(Updated: 6-24-2017)




Compiled Interpretation:


[Updated: 6-24-2017]



"A Great Army in a Rage Coming from Above flying out of Blind Chaos as if out of nowhere while the dreamer is protected from the fear of discent caused by a very large, and strong military from above into every place that the dreamer gazes with there eyes which is a very strong military force of men with evil intent dressed for All-Out War that will present itself as a friend, but is a very powerful foe that will come from above with powerful ground and / or offensive forces. The dreamer will then attempt to warn others, but then the People being warned by the dreamer do not head the warnings of that person of whom becomes upset as a result of the blindness of evil in that no other person will head the Instruction of YHWH The Father of Creation, and / or the Dreamer's words due to the Selfishness of being from those who would not listen. The result of carelessness, and the lack of understanding will result in those people to be given a heavy blow for there transgressions, and will be handed over to the hand of the Great Adversary for not lifting up there own hand to do what is right in the eyes of YHWH then resulting in the Dreamer's sorrow, and bitterness of being because no one would listen to there, or his words. The dreamer then wakes up, and the spark of truth has awakened within that person on account of the witnessing of evil all around that others will not heed."



NOTE: This interpretation was done by the author, and upon re-observing may be associated with more than one meaning in other words it may have something to do with a certain area of the world or even concerning the evil messengers, and beyond that, but all wrapped into one meaning. This MAY also have something do with California threatening to seperate from the 50 U.S.A. States because of the current ruler of which is were this dream had supposedly originated from, but the author will not make an indefinite claim if he's not COMPLETELY sure about a claim. [Posted: 6-4-2017]




-------> Suggested Verse Reading (Khanoch / Hanoch) [Enoch 83] The Book of Dreams <-------





[NOTE: The author is also one of those people that had used to get Pre-Millennial Reign Prophecy confused with what happens after the reign, but He is getting better at understanding this... Remember we are all human, and we can make mistakes, but conjecture on unsolved, or matters that are not already understood is a necessity in order to incite a study.]



A Recorded Vision that if it were "Assumed" to be accurate would seem to indicate an association with the Breaking Down of the Earth "LIKELY" after the 1000 Year Reign of Messiah (Christ) by Fire ("A New Heaven, and a new Earth", REV 21 / ECT) around the time when all will judged when tested by the fire of the Creator's spirit [1Corinthians 3:13] ("And the Fire shall try all of there works whether it is Good OR Evil", "The Second Death", "Lake of Fire", "The Testing by the Fire of His Displeasure") as spoken of in the "Bible Cannon" in order to seal away all of the Breaking Away (sin) caused by Azaz'el the evil messenger (angel), and the wicked spiritual forces that oppress the earth. All Readers must be reminded that as has been explained elsewhere on these pages that the "Pseudepigrapha" Texts are currently at the implementation of this applied text not completely understood, or may have seen loss, or alterations over the span of there existance.


"3 I had laid down in the house of my grandfather Mahalal'el; I saw in a VISION how the shamayim (heaven/s) collapsed and was taken away and FELL TO THE EARTH. 4 And when it fell to the earth I saw how the earth was SWALLOWED UP in a *GREAT ABYSS*, and the mountains were suspended on mountains, and the hills sank down on hills, and high trees were torn from there stems, and huried down, and *SUNK* into the ABYSS. 5 And after that a word fell into my mouth, and I lifted up to cry aloud, and said, "The Earth is Broken Down (Destroyed)!" 6 And my grandfather Mahalal'el woke me as I lay near him, and said unto me, "Why do you cry so my son, and why do you make such lamentation?" 7 And I recounted him the whole vision which I had seen, and he said unto me, "A terrible matter you have seen, my son, and of GRAVE MOMENT is your VISION as to *The SECRETS of all the **BREAKING AWAY** (sin) of the earth* - it must **SINK into the ABYSS** and be Broken Down (destroyed) with a great Breaking Down (destruction). 8 "And now, my son, arise and make petition to YHWH (The LORD) of esteem, since you are a believer, that a remnant may remain on the earth, and that He may not Break Down (destroy) the whole earth. 9 "My son, from the shamayim (heaven/s) ALL THIS WILL COME UPON THE EARTH there *WILL* be a great Breaking Down (destruction)." 10 After that I arose and prayed and implored and pleaded, and wrote down my PRAYER for the generations of the world, and I will show all matters to you, my son Methushelah. 11 And when I had gone forth below and seen the shamayim, and the sun rising in the east, and the moon going down in the west, and a few stars, and the whole earth, and all as He had known it in the beginning, then I barak YHWH of right-ruling and exalted Him because He had made the sun to go forth from the windows of the east, and he ascended and rose on the face of the shamayim, and departed and kept traversing the path shown unto him."



[The Book of Enoch (Khanoch / Hanock] Chapter 83 Book of Dreams: Verses 3-11]




[NOTE: The author does not claim to understand everything about these verses, however the Ultimate destruction of the Earth by Fire may very well have something to do with this verse more that one might think. The author is not about to put *UNCONFIRMED* facts into any person though process as long as it is not completely assured on his part, however it will in this case provide a little bit more speculation in order to assist others in understanding what these writings may imply in the more physical sense of what these verse may imply how The Creator of Heaven, and Earth may bring this to pass in the "biblical" sense. The first matter that will presented in light of this is that the author is not really a complete weilder of the Science of the WORLD, but rather the WORD of YHWH the Creator, and this being partly to do with the amount of atheism associated with it that does have the potential to hinder one's understanding of these kinds of matters (ie, The concept of "Flights of Fancy" meaning to disprove something before you attempt to prove it, or in another matter of expression "The attempt to prove whether something be Wrong when it is easier to Prove that it is true first before disproving it Mind-Set") due to the common methodology of proving these things through logic has been reversed (IE, "DISPROVING before PROVING", "Only Those who see the Sun."). All readers must understand that we cannot know "EVERYTHING", and we should not hold ourselves to the expectation that we do, but all people that revere, and put there trust is El (God) YHWH all do have the capacity to learn from him continually as long as they keep his commandments. PLEASE BE DISCERNING OF ALL INFORMATION PRESENTED BEFORE ACCEPTING THEM AS FACTS!















1. The Abyss may have something to do with what some call the "Hollow Earth" of which is a concept that some believe as an alternative to the "Solid Earth THEORY" / "Evolution THEORY" it is the believed under this "ASSUMPTION" that a miniture SUN exists SUSPENDED in the center of the Earth, and that there is a Land, and Bodies of Water within, and even the Half-Breed children of the wicked messengers that some claim (Nephilim, Giants, ect) live there, and so forth, however remember that people all these things must be proven before it can be completely acknolwedged including true earth geology of which the creator of the heavens, and earth made a law in order that the laws of the universe cannot pass beyond, or trangress his command. The implication of this being that the FATHER OF ALL is the one with the KEY of the Ruach Ha' Qodesh (Holy Spirit) to understand these by his power, due to His great sovereignty over All Wisdom, and Authority. The author will not claim "INDEFINITELY" that this reference were to be absolutely true because certain matters need to be presented as conjecture anyway in order to incite others to learn concerning this, however it is a very good possibilty to say the least that these verses are in reference to other scriptures if accurate to occur either around the begginning or end The 1000 reign of Messiah (Christ) Yahushuah (Jesus), but concerning "A Great Breaking Down" [Enoch 83: 9] this verse suggests the time-frame of this occurance if an accurate verse would occur around the End of the Millenial Reign (This verse may also have a Dual meaning / reference concerning both the Return of Messiah, and the "End of the Ages of the Ages"). I do suggest watching this YouTube Video [Giant Footprint] (New Tab) (Just to say that the author does not believe that creation to be anywhere near 200 million years old, nor will he give an abolute confirmation on references that are not completely understood for research purposes into this matter in there ENTIRETY unless they can be confirmed (The same as with another person's overall view), and also the following works I do recommend reading as well The Book of Giants [Reconstruction Version]. and The Book of Enoch. [All Links concerning reading "material" from external sites will be opened in a New Web Browser Tab]


2. Now just to attempt to *PROVE before DISPROVING* that a "Hollow Earth" actually exists first there is a need to put more emphasis on the assumption that there would be a small sun in the center of the Earth of which astronomically would be associated with such concepts as what would be called a "black hole", or another name would be that it is an "Astronomical Void" by which is a typically known concept in The World Science Community for example if our understanding of such an anomaly were even a fraction close as to what would happen if such a void were to exist in the middle of the earth then take another look at [Enoch Chapter 83 Verse 7], and you MAY find your answer. I do not know for example if the earth is in the center of the Universe, HOWEVER this would seem to be a fitting "Eye for an Eye" application of right-ruling in conjuction with the Breaking Away (sin) of our ancient adversary (Ha' Satan) from El (God) considering that it started with an evil coming down from the heights of the SHAMAYIM (Decay of the Heavens) to cause an evil on the EARTH through the breaking away of Adam & Eve in The Garden of Eden (Decay on the Earth) resulting in this form of opposite, and equal punishment for man's continual disobedience as a result of mankind playing a part in the usurping of there own authority into universal decay, and not turning back to The Way of Truth that we were designed to live by from the beginning, or perhaps this is what he does when he finally re-creates the entire creation after the ages of the World have ended for as the Scriptures read that "Death, and Decay were brought to all of Creation, and not just mankind"... Therefore meaning then that this may perhaps be "A Tooth for a Tooth"? . [References: Romans 5:12, 8:22, 1Corinthians 15:21,22]


3. The Abyss of the Earth is where the Wicked Messenger (Angel) Azaz'el according to the Bible was Imprisoned of which gives it significance in conjuction with the concept of "The Secrets of all Breaking Away (sin)" [Enoch 83:7], and where the whole earth would basically implode by FIRE seems HIGHLY reminicent of the book [2Peter Chapter 3: Verse 10] which basically suggests that "The ELEMENTS will melt with a fervent heat", and would indicate a very immense amount of force as in Enoch Chapter 83 "The Book of Dreams" concerning what appears to be a massive spacial explosion, and or collapse of the Earth, and would be clearly reminicent of the descriptions found in Enoch if one would take a close look at it, and compare with actual Physical Facts concerning the real science behind astronomy though depending how the verse is understood, and also the accuracy of the verse.


4. The ABYSS is also associated with the one who caused the "Initlal BULK" of disobedience AFTER the occurance of the first Breaking Away (Sin) of Adam & Eve resulted in humankind, and all of the universe to be made separate from the Spirit of Qodesh (Holy) Life resulting in the degradation of ALL, and against the high creator AFTER Ha' Satan (The Adversary) himself at the beginning of creation (Genesis) had decieved all of Mankind into Break Away (sin) away from El (God) Yah. The wicked one who lead the rebellion of heaven against the Most High who ultimately incited the "Messenger of Perdition" [ie, "The Messenger of Death"] (ie, Known as: Azaz'el, Shemyatsa, Semjaza, Abbaddon, Appolyon, ect) who taught man to make war, and showed how to make tools of fighting in order to make battle with each other as well as other secret matters of the shamayim (heaven/s) [Enoch Chapter 8] who is the messenger (angel) of the bottomless pit (Abyss).


5. The verses from [Enoch 83: 7, 9] should be given close attention too, and should be studied with the entire chapter to understand the truth concerning these writings, and whether they are accurate or not. Now looking at Enoch 83:7 would APPEAR to indicate that it is a great possibility concerning what was already written on this page, but based on an "assumption" in order to Prove / Disprove whether there were really is an inner sun within the earth then after re-observing verse 7 take a look at verse 9, and then compare them to verses that are in Revelation, or other prophetic books that in general may be in association with the occurances in these Dream Visions, or in other words one subject theme would be End-Time Propechy, and possibly other occurances as well.


6. [Enoch 83: 7] is reminicent to a collapsing BLACK HOLE (Ultimately Enoch 83 in actuality is more reminiscent of an entire collapsing universe) of which is associated with a dying SUN of which could be apart of how the YHWH The Creator of the shamayim (heaven/s), and earth will break down, and rebuild the physical creation after all everything created has been subjected under the feet of the Lamb of God (El) Yahushuah Ha' Mashiach, and into the COMPLETION of ALL THINGS into righteous life under His Healing Wings [1Corinthians 15:21-28]. Also if you compare [Enoch 83:3, 7] to [Revelation 6:12-17] one would basically come to a similar conclusion in essence.


7. Enoch 83:9 would seem imply strongly (depending on it's accuracy) that this does apply to many of what is read in what believers currently call the "Primary Cannon" (especially Revelation) in the Qodesh (Holy) Bible / Scriptures of the true Ibrim (Hebrew) El (God), but for some reason it does not seem to fit completely into the notion that it is of a Pre-Millenial precept due to the over-all description concerning the complete destruction of the earth of which would moreso fit the narative of a "Post-Millennial" scenario due to the timing in comparison to scriptural events after the Devil be released from his "Bottomless" Prison of Desolation.


8. Now concerning the Day of Battle in Revelation of which as stated most likely does have a dual meaning (Prophecies can have more than one meaning) concerning both the return of Messiah around the beginning of the Millenial Reign, and also of what happens around the "END OF THE AGES OF THE AGES" when Satan (Ha' Satan, The Adversary) has been loosed from being sealed away into deep pit of darkness in order to lead mankind astray, and to lead them mindlessly to fight against each other as well as assuming that the nephilim actually live in the earth then this may also be an inclination for them to fight against humanity because of the knowledge of the earth's fiery fate, and there Breaking Down (destruction) from the earth, but REMEMBER the author DOES NOT know "EVERYTHING". In any case "As the days of Noah were so there will be in the coming of the Son of Man" [Matthew Chapter 24: Verses 36-38], and if a person does take this imformation seriously then it would "likely" have this implication considering that multiple books do give reference to these "Half-Breed" beings including (All through Enoch, Genesis 6:1, and Most Likely 1Samuel 23:20-21 of which most bibles will use the term Lion instead of Lion-like in the first word instance of the verse,) as well as other matters that one would normally not believe having ever existed on this earth in ancient times during the Pre-Flood era, and also then possibly at around the end of the Ages of the Ages when the Devil (Accuser) is once again set free from his dark confinement *UNDER* THE EARTH, and *INTO* the *ABYSS* there may be a repeating of this as well, but ONLY YHWH the creator of ALL THINGS will know the indefinite answers to these in the end. "ONLY Yah The Father of All Time will be able to Give the Answer to this Long-Standing Question".


9. All should once again take into account the verses associated with "Destruction by Fire" [2Peter 3:10] at the end of the ages of the Earth of which could have a multi-faceted meaning including both the return of the Reign of Christ (Mashiah), and what Elohim (God) does at the end of the ages after Ha' Satan (The Adversary) has been let loose for a short while from the abyss [Revelation 20: 7-10] to lead mankind astray after 1000 Years of Prosperity before all will be judged before the Final Judgement of Elohim has been declared by his WORD, but the matter concerning an investigation of the very end of the ages before the final judgement there is the matter of what is considered by certain interpretations of Qodesh (Holy) Scripture to be an army of Giants coming out from within the earth to fight against humanity. Now if remembered correctly the verse may possibly be in Issiah or elsewhere concerning the use of either the Hebrew word/s Gibor, and or Giborim in the Old Testament of Scripture (If found the verse will be added later). The final matter in conjuction with Giants making war with the sons of men as a potential fact are the fragmented writings that can be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Book of Giants (The Giants talk of there dreams, and the battle there waging cannot be won) as well as other writings (in Enoch when, and Nephilim are incited against men in battle to destroy each other of which would also suprisingly fit into a scenario prior to "a" final judgement), but first all must study before any CONCLUSION, and if any person not be sure of what they are attempting to understand then do not come to a definite conclusion before-hand all one would have to do is set it aside for a moment until the time of proving again.


10. Take into account the verses in scripture associated with "A New Heaven, and A New Earth [Revelation 21:1-7]" for many verses in the book of Enoch / Hanoch, Khanock are interestingly very close to many descriptions found in the Main "Cannon" that many people know as the Qodesh (Holy) Bible / Scriptures, or in other words the "Christian" (The Walkers of the True Way of Life) Bible.


SUMMARY: If you take into account the immensity of terror (I am not trying to scare anyone...) of this Dream assuming that it really was Enoch's dream then one might call this "somewhat" of a REALITY SHAKING of which may have been what gave him the inclination to continue doing the righteous acts for Elohim (God) on account of the immensity of it, and ironically this is the first chapter in the Book of Dreams, but as far as proving whether this was his first Dream Vision would be a different story. The matter concerning the accuracy of this vision should be quite apparent at least concerning description that are more "directly" reminiscent of End-Time Prophecy, however the level of accuracy is a different story accept for at minimum that which can be clearly acknowledged by the Written Word that all currently have available to read ("The Bible"), and ultimately the LIVING WORD of which is where the wisdom, and guidance by the lofty spirit of the Most High resides beyond the stars, and beyond the ages of the WORLD. The beloved father YHWH who will restore all of creation back to it's former unadulterated roots as when it was at the beginning of this current Earth.



"28 And *WHEN ALL ARE MADE SUBJECT TO HIM*, then the Ben (son) Himself WILL ALSO be SUBJECT to Him who put all under him, in order that Elohim (God, The Mighty One) will be ALL IN ALL."



Short Explanation: What this verse implies by "ALL IN ALL" is that ALL of Creation will become COMPLETE in YHWH under the subjection of his will by the source of light that all of creation had been made from of which is the spirit of El (God) as it were a similar state of things at the beginning of all creation after all will be re-made "New Heaven, and Earth" as well as those who are designated by Elohim to be tested ("tormented") by the "Second Death" [Revelation 2:22, 20:6-14, 28:8].



[1Corinthians (1Qorin'tiyim) Chapter 15: Verse 28]



















"No Disbelief, and do All that is Possible by the Kindness of Yah for the Highest Good"












[Dream: Interpret]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Resilliance"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 1]


"To Bring the Secret of Acting Strength for the Purpose of Clearing Darkness to Resist the Exploitation of Interpretation"







[Dream: Interpret]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Favor"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 2]


"To Ask for the Gift of Dream Interpretation from YHWH in the Repentance of Darkness by the Appearance of his Face"






[Dream: Interpret]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Guard"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 4]


"To Clear the Darkness of a Person's Mind, and to Give the Secret of Acting Strength for the Guarding of Interpretation"






[Dream: Interpret]

"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Strength"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 4]


"To Empower the Individual with the Strength to Interpret without Hinderance in order that Darkness does not Penetrate"






[Dream: Interpret]

"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Healing"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 5]


"To Bring Forth Healing from Dream Interpretation, or by the Revealing, and Clearing of Darkness to allow Interpretation"





[Dream: Interpret]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Cleansing"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 6]


"To Bring Cleanliness to Dream Interpretation in the Revealing of Darkness for one to Clarify Interpretation"





[Dream: Interpret]



"The Armor, and Sword of Resilliance"


[Psalm 4] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 1]


"To Protect, and to Wage Spiritual Offense against any Evil Detriments towards a Person's ability to interpret Dreams"





[Dream: Interpret]

"The Strong Man's Powerful Endurance"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 6]


"To Give the Uhindered Acting Strength, and the Endurance of YHWH for the Interpretation of Dreams"





[Dream: Interpret]



"The Sword of The Guardian"


[Psalm 5] + [Prayer 3]


"To Send away the Evil of Your Adversaries in Great Haste to allow for the Interpretation of Dreams"





[Dream: Interpret]



"The Strong Man's Powerful Praise of Cleansing"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 7] + [Prayer 6]


"To Bring the Unhindered Acting Strength of Cleanliness for the Comfort of the Praise of YHWH for Interpretation"





[Dream: Vision]


"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Resilliance"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 1]


"To Allow the Dreamer The Secret Acting Strength to Resist The Darkness of Evil while Receiving Visions"





[Dream: Vision]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Favor"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 2]


"To Give the Individual the Power to Reveal Darkness for the Recieving of Qodesh (Holy) Visions by the Favor of YHWH"





[Dream: Vision]



"The Strong Man's Armor, and Sword"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 4] + [Psalm 5]


"To Recieve the Unhindered Strength in The Defense, and Offense of YHWH to Recieve Qodesh (Holy) Visions"





[Dream: Vision]



"The Guardian's Armor, and Sword of Cleanliness"


[Prayer 3] + [Psalm 4] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 6]


"To Send Away One's Adversaries Speedily, in the Defense, and Offense of YHWH to Recieve Clean Dream Visions"





[Dream: Vision]



"The Healing Armor of Resilliance"


[Prayer 5] + [Psalm 4] + [Prayer 1]


"To Bring the Healing Defense of YHWH by Recieving Qodesh (Holy) Dream Visions"





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