"The Endowment of Hai (Life)" (Poetic Support)

This Page is an alternative Read/Recite Page for The Personal Endowment of the Power of the Most High El (God) YHWH for any person, place, or thing, and also for the purpose of supporting other individuals. This page will be updated further in the future. The one thing that I will add to this right now in order make known to people the patience of Yah is that he will require some people to wait patiently to fufill there requests, and also it is not ultimately that we can "Limit" the father "Ourselves", but rather it is the "Self-Suppression" through a great deal of things within our natural minds that often caused by "Hypocriticalism" (Not that I'm calling anyone a hypocrite...), and so forth that becomes self-oppresive to the mind of the individual in our understanding of him would be the real cuprit.  The more that we limit ourselves in the natural image the more that we limit our understaning of his eminence in the Qodesh (Holy) image, and this is where the real hinderance is derived from is our own lack of knowledge, and this being a great stumbling block for all people. The author suggests that readers also read The Books, or Parts of the Standard Bible Cannon such as Ecclesiaties, Proverbs, Psalms, ect in order to help with the understaning of these things. If any person reading does believe that at least some of what the author posts as astravagant then you should be aware that even through you should not test him with bad intention, or ask him for something outside of our own understanding we still should strive in understanding that all things are possible by him as well as we should not limit ourselves to a degree that will only limit his power being manifested through us as servants of the Most High by saying that "He will NEVER do that!" RIGHT?.


NOTE (5-18-2017): There are a few very important scriptural quotes concerning the empowerment of a man or women in the image of there High Creator Yah of which are madatory by him in situations that can be helped by him in order to allow for a person to retain any power that he gives to those by his ruach ha' qodesh (Holy Spirit). The verses in which are [1Corinthians (Qoyin'tiyim) 11:4-15].


The Power of a man by Elohim (God) is for a man to keep his head up high towards the shamayim in reverence, and not down to the ground in shame, and the power that a woman is the silence, and peaceful adamance in the qodeshah (Holiness) of spirit in the Most High.  This is an opposing rule in conjuction with the first sin of adam, and eve of which is that a women has the power to transfer over to themselves the moral authority of a man if they sucessfully seduce them into Breaking Away (Sinning), and the punishment of MAN in being decieved in this way is to be subject to the shame of HAVING THERE POWER TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM including figuratively concering spiritual "whoring" as in the spirit of Ha'Satan (Satan, The Adversary) who ultimately portrays in the greatest sense "The Whore of Baylon", The Spirit of Jezebel / Izab'el, and essentially the Whore in the Book of Proverbs of which is basically "Anti-Wisdom". Bassically the acceptance of a person's Breaking Away (Sin) from how we as human beings were originally created to behave, and live meaning the entirely of our livelyhood. Unlike other belief structures that exist the Qodesh Scriptures (Holy Scriptures) seem to indicate that woman is required to cover there heads of which is mainly applied during active periods of worship, and not necessarily at all times as some other people do in there belief.




-----> Suggested Read for Believers in The Most High <-----







"1 Become imitators of me, as I also am of Mashiah. 2 And I praise you, brothers that you remember me in every way and keep the traditions as I have delivered them to you 3 And I want you to know that THE HEAD OF EVERY MAN IS MASHIAH, AND THE HEAD OF WOMAN IS MAN, AND THE HEAD OF MASHIAH IS YHWH 4 Every man PRAYING or NABA with there HEAD COVERED, brings SHAME to his Head. 5 And every woman PRAYING or NABA with here HEAD UNCOVERED brings SHAME to her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved. 6 For if a woman is not covered, let her also be shorned. But if it is a shame for a woman to be shorn, or shaved let her head be covered. 7 For a man SHOULD NOT indeed cover there head, since he is the LIKENESS AND ESTEEM OF ELOHIM (God), but woman is the esteem of man. 8 For man is not from women, but WOMEN FROM MAN. 9 For man also was not created for the woman, but woman for the man. 10 because of this THE WOMAN SHOULD HAVE AUTHORITY OVER HER HEAD, because of the MESSENGERS. 11 However, man is not independent of women, nor women independent of man, in the Adon. 12 For as the woman was from the man, even so the man also is through the women,  BUT ALL ARE FROM ELOHIM (God). 13 Judge for yourselves: is it proper for a woman to pray to Elohim (God) with her head uncovered? 14 Does not nature itself teach you that if a man indeed has long hair, it is a disrespect to him? 15 And if a woman has long hair it is an esteem to her, because long hair has been given to her over against a veil. 16 If, however, anyone seems to be contentious, we do not have such a custom, no do the assemblies of Elohim (God). 17 And in declaring this I do not praise you, since you come together not for the better but for the worse."



[1Corinthians (Qorin'tiyim): 11:4-17]





"No Disbelief, and do All that is Possible by the Kindness of Yah for the Highest Good"












[Bathing / Baptism: Healing]



"The Strength, and Power of Healing"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 5]


"To Endow the Water that we Bath in, and or the Water that we are baptized within by the Power of YHWH to Heal"







[Bathing / Baptism: Repentance]



"The Strong Man's Power Over Mortality"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3]


"To Endow the Water that we Bath in, and or the Water that we are baptized within by the Power of YHWH to Repent"






[Bathing / Baptism: Countenance]



"The Strong Man's Power of Favor"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 2]


""To Endow the Water that we Bath in, and or the Water that we are baptized within by the Power of YHWH in Favor"






[Bathing / Baptism: Defense]

"The Strong Man's Powerful Armor of Resilliance"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 4] + [Prayer 1]


"To Endow the Water that we Bath in, and or the Water that we are baptized within by the Power of YHWH our Shield"






[Bathing / Baptism: Offense]

"The Strong Man's Powerful Sword"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 5]


"To Endow the Water that we Bath in, and or the Water that we are baptized within by the Power of YHWH our Sword"






[Bathing / Baptism: Fleeting Evil]




"The Brawn of Acting Strength, and Swordsman's Guard"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 3]


"To Sever All Evil from the being of Whomever this is Directed Towards in order for there own Sanctity"






[Dwelling Place: Resting Place]


"The Strength, and Power of the Champion's Sword"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 4] + [Psalm 5]


"To bring the Sanctity of YHWH our Creator to the Resting Place of his Qodesh (Holy) Servant/s to Protect us in Sleep"






[Personal: Strength]


"The Strong Man's Secret Power over Mankind"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3]


"To Give both Spiritual, and Physical Strength to every facet of the being, and Unlock the Limits Caused by True Darkness"






[Drinking Water: Strength]


"The Strong Man's Acting Strength"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2]


"To Empower the Being of the Person That Drinks the Water with the Berakah (Blessing) of YHWH for Renewed Strength"






[Personal: Blinding Light]



"The Strength, and Power of the Guardian"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 3]


"To Give the Power of Blinding LIght by the Ruach ha' Qodesh of YHWH to the Individual that it is directed towards"






[Personal: Sword of Revelation]



"The Strength, and Power of The Sword"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 5]


"To Give the ability to act upon the Strength, and the SWORD Arm of YHWH our Most High Father by the Ruach"






[Personal: The Armor of Revelation]


"The Strength, and Power of The Armor"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 4]


"To Give the Ability to act upon the Strength, and the Champion's Armor of YHWH our Most High Father by the Ruach"






[Drinking Water: Helping Hand]


"The Secret Healing Power of Cleansing"


[Psalm 1] + [Prayer 5] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 6]


"To Bring to Others the Acting Strength of Healing, and to Unlock the Being of a Person For The Cleanliness of YHWH"






[Bathing / Baptism: Cleanse]


"The Guardian of Hidden Cleanliness"


[Prayer 3] + [Psalm 2] + {Prayer 6]


"To Send Your Adversaries Away with Great Haste to Reveal, and Unlock Fortified Impurity in order to be made Clean"






[Camp Fire: Fleeting Evil]


"The Strength, and Power of the Swordsman's Guard"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 3]




[Annointing OIl: Nullify Evil]





"The Strength, and Power of Mankind's Guard"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 3]



"To Give The Berakah of YHWH to One's Annointing Oil for the Spiritual Properties to Completely Null All Evil"







[Bathing: Secret Health]





"The Resilliant Secret of Healing"


[Prayer 1] + [Psalm 1] + [Prayer 5]



"To Unveil that which is Hidden in Conjuction with the Health of a Person, and also to Render Powerless the Ancient Plague of Mankind in order to Unleash Dormant Immunities"






[Rainfall: Tears of Heaven]





"The Favorful Power of Healing"


[Prayer 2] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 5]



"To Bring the Healing Stength to Act by the falling of Rain over the land by the Favorful Appearance of YHWH the Most High"






[Rainfall: Clear Evil]





"The Guardian's Sword of Cleansing"


[Prayer 3] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 6]



"To Render Powerless All Adversity over a Land, Region, or Property in Order the Cleanse the Land of Evil Devices"








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