"Scriptural Knowledge" (Christian Link Page)

This particular page is MAINLY for any kind of link associated with understanding the christian-based Hebrew/Greek Scriptures that we all know as "The Holy Bible", "The Old Testament", "The New Testament", and also what most people probably know as the Pseudepigraphical works (Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, ect), Various other links as well. This page is basically a watered down page I will be using for more condensed linkage for the time being until I can setup a Sub-Domain for the same purpose. The greatest piece of information that I can give concerning this page is that even though I do share links from other web-sites I still do encourage people to use "Critical-Thinking" in order to filter out any piece of chaff present within your own understanding that can be confirmed as inaccurate in accordance with the WORD of YHWH whether it be something that he speaks to you himself about, or something that you have confirmed in scripture that is accurate (Mind you there are many versions of "The Bible" that do have at least minor inaccuracies). The other way to put this is that it is a good idea to think before you come to any conclusions in all of your understandings. The linkage on this page will be built over time as the days go by, and so be sure to check every now, and then to see if there were any added links.


Disclaimer: Please Keep in Mind that the links below are from external sites, and I will not be held responsible for the content of others, and also again the author does not neccessarily agree with "ABSOLUTELY" everything presented through these links, and therefore I encourage any person to view the information presented with good disernment, and not just instant fact until it can be proven.






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