Other (Domain Linking)

This page is for the listing of all of the "sister" site subdomains that are currently live online, under construction, or may be implemented in the future. The Author is Unsure of what he will be doing at this point with this site. [This subdomain is intended as a site blogging platform] (Possibility) [This is a forum subdomain intended for related discussions] (Removed Currently) [This is the subdomain intended for any of my personal works] (Still Needs Work) [This would be a subdomain intended for all health related topics] (Good Possibility) [This subdomain would be intended for technological oriented material] (Good Possibility) [This subdomain would be intended for various different web-page links] (High Possiblility) [This subdomain is intended for personal, and/or external articles/links] (High Possibility) [This subdomain would be a intended for recommended multimedia content] (Good Possiblity) [This subdomain would be intended for linking to important news media/articles] (Good Possiblity)



NOTE: Concerning the subdomains that are currently under construction I can not give a definitive answer as to how long the construction will take for them to be brought online. The primary objective was to enable this site with a very basic fuctionality, and as far as the more intricate details there still is not 100% certainty as to what will be done with everything else that will be planned or added to this web-domain.