Poems (Biblical Style "Psalms")

This page is for a complete listing of currently finished or unfinished poems written by the "The Lion Writer"  (Joel A. Russo)


BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This is the poetry that I had written during a very distressful time in my life, and by the power that the father YHWH has placed into these writings have helped me through some very hard times (particulary health issues existant from an early age that had been buried under a deep pile of phony medicine), and therefore I hope that these will help inspire each, and every person who reads them as much as they have for me. The poetic writings being presented are in part based off of a "more specified" theme basis, however at the very source of these themes they are generally speaking all close as far there meaning, and as being a reference toward the living word of our high elah father who is that brazen flame of fire burning amongst the entire breadth of all his creation which is the persistance of his enduring spirit. There are only a handful of sound suggestions that I would ask that are imperative to any one person reading of which would be to please think before being too quick to make any judgement about these, and also do not be discouraged away from adopting these on a real "theme basis", because there truly are deeper reasons for the conception of this method, and also multiple reason as well.


"I will never force anyone to believe the same core fundamentals that I believe myself even though I may disagree with them, and neither should anyone else. This may be true, however also please keep in mind that the base meaning, and intention of the word religion or religious in actuality is that we all have our own general belief structure, and that is not just soley tied into denominationalism or spirituality in general, but in all things that are a part of your entire belief structure in every sense of the word, and that being said, the right-rulings of YHWH that have been given to all mankind do not end when a person becomes offended by freedom of personal expression, ability to speak, and whatever right the heavenly father has given us all"     ~Joel


NOTE: The "Brazen Works" can be recited for yourself, and also other individuals as well. The recital suggesions can also be used to endow, or barak (Bless) a person, place, or object, etc, and if there are any spiritual troubles in a home they can probably be used for that as well, or even if you have any "Space Critter" issues (Just for the record I do not believe in aliens...) then go ahead, and give it a try. "NO I AM NOT CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT OTHERS PERCEIVE AS LUNACY WHEN I KNOW THAT IT'S NOT LUNACY TO USE AN ALLEGORY." Nice try though if you thought that :P



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SET #1: [7 of 10 Poems Completed]



"The Empowerment of Mankind"







Explanation of the messages: Yes there are "Hidden" meanings behind these writings, however I am only really going to give really a basic "surface" explanation to people about them or at least right now (at current I do not claim to fully understand them myself yet though strangely enough I still did write them...). Ok now the basic advice that I can give right now concerning these messages is this:


#1. Each individual message that can be found in any work has a modular meaning  (implying that they are interchangeable).


#2. Each part of the message you can use a NOUN, PRONOUN, VERB, ADVERB, ADJECTIVE, ect.


#3. Each part of the message can have virtually any kind of conjunction between each message tag, ect.


#4. Each part of the message can have multiple words, phrases, ect.


#5. How well you can figure out the message is determined in part by how well you understand the writings.



Here are 3 Examples of messages that can be found:



Example #1: Psalm 4 [ARMOR] + Prayer 1 [RESIST] = "The Armor of Resistance"


Example #2: Psalm 5 [SWORD] + Psalm 2 [POWER] = "The Sword of Power"


Example #3:  Psalm 7 [PRAISE] + Psalm 1 [HIDDEN] = "The Praise that is Hidden"



Personal Suggestions



These works have the power of YHWH behind them also if read in a certain order as well as just reading them seperately. Here are a few reciting orders that I recommend for spiritual warefare or otherwise, and by the way there are likely more meanings behind these than I will be able understand myself, but you never know. Also It will take some time for a lot of people to learn how to recite these consecutivly so do not be discouraged in reading them believe me you will not regret it, and it is best to recite them in whatever order suites your situation though you can recite in any order that you want, but keep in mind we should not be overly-focused on there themes so that we do not limit the power of the father in the process of trying to understand them.


"The Hidden Armor of Resistance" = [Psalm 1] ---> [Psalm 4] ---> [Prayer 1] (Secret Defense, and Resiliance)


"The Powerful Sword of Endurance" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Psalm 5] ---> [Psalm 6]  (Strong Long-term Offense)


"The Armor, and Sword of Endurance" = [Psalm 4] ---> [Psalm 5] ---> [Psalm 6] (Long-Term Defense/Offense) 


"The Powerful Armor of Resistance" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Psalm 4] ---> [Prayer 1] (Strong Defense, and Resillance)


"The Guardians Armor, and The Resiliant Power of the Strong Man" = [Prayer 3] ---> [Psalm 4] ---> [Prayer 1]

---> [Psalm 2] ---> [Prayer 4] (The Watchful Defense of, and the Incredibly Strong Resiliance of YHWH)


"The Powerful, and Resiliant Sword of The Strong Man" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Prayer 1] ---> [Psalm 5]

---> [Prayer 4] (Incredibly Strong, and Resiliant Offense)


"The Powerful Armor of Favor" = [Psalm 2] ---> {Psalm 4] ---> [Prayer 2] (Strong Defense of Appearance)


"The Hidden Sword of Favor" = [Psalm 1] ---> [Psalm 5] ---> [Prayer 2] (Secret Offense of Appearance)


"The Powerful Sword of Strength" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Psalm 5] ---> [Prayer 4] (Incredibly Strong Offense)


"The Power of the Sword" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Psalm 5] (Strong Offense)


"The Sword of Resistance" = [Psalm 5] ---> [Prayer 1] (Offensive Resilliance)


"The Power of Praise" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Psalm 7] (The Joy & Presence of YHWH)


"Hidden Mortality" = [Psalm 1] ---> [Psalm 3] (Repentance of the Breaking Away or to Free from Darkness)



Viewable PDF Poetry Documents:


LAST UPDATED: 7-14-2016


NOTE: There is one important piece of information that I would like to point out to people before you begin to read these, and it is concerning Psalm 1 [HIDDEN]. The most important thing in reading these is that one of the main purposes for the [HIDDEN] Psalm is that it was written for the purpose of unlocking, and awakening a persons being (mind, heart, body, and spirit) by the spirit of YHWH for all of things including the articulation of the spirit, dismantling the artificle attributes that we have accumulated within ourselves, and will break the barriers to our limited natural understanding. Basically reading it [HIDDEN] will expand our ability to comprehend the wisdom of YHWH at the very root of where it is hidden within our being therefore in other words it will make it much easier to understand the other works if you pre-emptivly understand the first Psalm that I have written by allowing the Ruach ha' Qodesh to exist unsuppressed within ourselves whether we oppress ourselves through hypocriticalism or otherwise which is a form of "self-suppression".


Until the Author can figure out how to place pre-emptive short versions, and such of Psalms, writings, ect he will just place the first Short version right here for the time being followed by everything in it's appointed order.


NOTE: Do not forget to Close The Web Browser, and Clear the Internet Cache Once in a While to Ensure that you will see the revised version of any of the works posted on this website. This can be done with Programs such as CCleaner (Windows), and Bleach Bit (Linux), ect.


Short Psalm #1 Version #1: [REBUKE]



[???] "The Casting of a Great Dragon" (A Poem to Sever The Wickedness of Dark Principalities, and the Great Evil Mystery) [MWHV, Original]


NOTE: This particular "Psalm" is ALSO intended to be sung as a form of protection against the deep evil secrets (as described in The Book of Enoch / Hanock) by "arming" the Mind of the Spirit with the truth of the Creator's WORD, and any form of adversity associated with that which is of "Occult" (meaning that which is *HIDDEN*, this ALSO applies to the *GOOD* Mystery of Yah Creator of All of which are his teachings with the exception that the BAD Mystery is the OPPOSITE / Anti-Type), but NOT with the intention of provoking people through self-righteousness, but with a CLEAN mouth, and heart. Most indivduals likely do not realize that the KEY to life, and the Prayer of the righteous are one in the same with the spirit of God (El, The Mighty One) in that in one way were used during King David's (Dawid's) Reign meaning the psalms that are found in the original cannon of Qodesh Scripture were sung as a form of supplication, and atonement to remove the old plagues that were brought to mankind by transgression (The spirit of Jezebel / Izabel / The Adversary / Every Form of Evil under the Sun) that had started with our ancestors in the pre-flood era that stems all-the-way back to Adam & Eve in the Garden of Life of which STARTED with ONE LIE, and that would be "Evil is Good, and Good is not Good", but anyone with enough sense can spot the lie. [References: Enoch Chapters 16, 46-48, 51, 61, 63 (End-Time Prophecy), Solomon 2:7-9, Psalm 114, Revelation Chapters 5-11 (Prayers of the Saints)]


"4 He will be a staff to the righteous to brace themselves on and not fall, and he will be the light of the nations, and the hpe of those who are troubled of heart. 5 All who dwell on the earth will fall down, and worship before him, and will praise, and barak (bless), and celebrate YHWH of Hosts with SONG."


[Enoch Chapters 47: Verses 4-5]



"Jezebel also specializes in duping religious people who believe in austerity. Even though they think they have totally rejected the world, Jezebel fools them into attempting to save there own lives, and the lives of their families by embracing a strict, rustic, or communal lifestyle in some remote corner of this world. Jezebel is expert at finding and glamorizing ways to bypass the way of the cross. She doesn't just seduce those who are carnal; she's also creative in seducing those who consider themselves to be spiritual."


QUOTE [Page 38]: Elijah & Elisha - The Mantle for God's People (Russel M. Stendall)




[1, 2, 3] "Lion of Yahudah who is The Beast Within" (A Poem for The Hidden Strength of YHWH)

[4] "The Power of the Armored Champion" (A Poem of Battle Preperation, and Defense for the Overwhelmed)


[5] "Don't Tread on Me" (A Poem of Battle, and Offense against The Evil of your Adversaries)


[6] "The Power to Move Mountains" (A Poem For The Adamant Endurance of YHWH)


[7] "The Praise of El Shaddai" (A Poem For The Sanctified Glory of YHWH)




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