Prayers (Pre-Written)

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: This page is for a complete listing of finished, and unfinished pre-written prayers written by "The Lion Writer" (Joel A. Russo) This variety of work I will be very clear, and straight to the point. The prayers that I write have been written in a very basic "simplistic" manner because a prayer should not be a hard thing to do at all, and even though we all should always make our own prayers, as encouraged in the scriptures, there is not one thing wrong with reciting pre-written ones as well along side them as long as we do not become vain (empty), legalistic, or create a stumbling block for ourselves about doing so. The prayers contained within this page are intended to empower the being of the person that reads them through the power of Yahushuah who is in the power of his father YHWH our creator. This particular type of work has not been designated any particular order as with the poems that were written by the author, however that may change over time for when they were first written the message was was not fully understood.


NOTE: The "Brazen Works" can be recited for yourself, and also other individuals as well. The recital suggesions can also be used to endow, or barak (Bless) a person, place, or object, etc, and if there are any spiritual troubles in a home they can probably be used for that as well, or even if you have any "Space Critter" issues (Just for the record I do not believe in aliens...) then go ahead, and give it a try. "NO I AM NOT CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT OTHERS PERCEIVE AS LUNACY WHEN I KNOW THAT IT'S NOT LUNACY TO USE AN ALLEGORY." Nice try though if you thought that :P



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"Prayers of The Qodeshim"






Explanation of the messages: Yes there are "Hidden" meanings behind these writings, however I am only really going to give really a basic "surface" explanation to people about them or at least right now (at current I do not claim to fully understand them myself yet though strangely enough I still did write them...). Ok now the basic advice that I can give right now concerning these messages is this:


#1. Each message individual message found in each work is modular to another (meaning that they are interchangeable).


#2. Each part of the message you can use a NOUN, PRONOUN, VERB, ADVERB, ADJECTIVE, ect.


#3. Each part of the message can have virtually any kind of conjunction between each message tag, ect.


#4. Each part of the message can have multiple words, phrases, ect.


#5. How well you can figure out the message is determined in part by how well you understand the writings.



Here are 3 Examples of messages that can be found:



Example #1: Psalm 4 [ARMOR] + Prayer 1 [RESIST] = "The Armor of Resistance"


Example #2: Psalm 5 [SWORD] + Psalm 2 [POWER] = "The Sword of Power"


Example #3:  Psalm 7 [PRAISE] + Psalm 1 [HIDDEN] = "The Praise that is Hidden"



Personal Suggestions



These works have the power of YHWH behind them also if read in a certain order as well as just reading them seperately. Here are a few reciting orders that I recommend for spiritual warefare or otherwise, and by the way there are likely more meanings behind these than I will be able understand myself, but you never know. Also It will take some time for a lot of people to learn how to recite these consecutivly so do not be discouraged in reading them believe me you will not regret it, and it is best to recite them in whatever order suites your situation though you can recite in any order that you want.



"The Hidden Armor of Resistance" = [Psalm 1] ---> [Psalm 4] ---> [Prayer 1] (Secretive Defense, and Resiliance)


"The Powerful Sword of Endurance" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Psalm 5] ---> [Psalm 6]  (Strong Long-term Offense)


"The Armor, and Sword of Endurance" = [Psalm 4] ---> [Psalm 5] ---> [Psalm 6] (Long-Term Defense/Offense) 


"The Powerful Armor of Resistance" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Psalm 4] ---> [Prayer 1] (Strong Defense, and Resillance)


"The Guardians Armor, and The Resiliant Power of the Strong Man" = [Prayer 3] ---> [Psalm 4] ---> [Prayer 1]

---> [Psalm 2] ---> [Prayer 4] (The Watchful Defense of, and the Incredibly Strong Resiliance of YHWH)


"The Powerful, and Resiliant Sword of The Strong Man" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Prayer 1] ---> [Psalm 5]

---> [Prayer4] (Incredibly Strong, and Resiliant Offense)


"The Powerful Armor of Favor" = [Psalm 2] ---> {Psalm 4] ---> [Prayer 2] (Strong Defense of Appearance)


"The Hidden Sword of Favor" = [Psalm 1] ---> [Psalm 5] ---> [Prayer 2] (Secret Offense of Appearance)


"The Power of the Sword" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Psalm 5] (Strong Offense)


"The Sword of Resistance" = [Psalm 5] ---> [Prayer 1] (Offensive Resilliance)


"The Power of Praise" = [Psalm 2] ---> [Psalm 7] (The Joy & Presence of YHWH)


"Hidden Mortality" = [Psalm 1] ---> [Psalm 3] (Repentance of the Breaking Away)




Viewable PDF Prayer Documents:


LAST UPDATED: 10-16-2016





[1] "The Prayer of Resiliance" [RESIST] (A Prayer for Keeping the Ancient Enemy of Mankind at Bay)


[2] "The Prayer of Countenance" [FAVOR] (A Prayer for The Brightened Favor of YHWH)


[3] "The Prayer of The Watcher" [GUARD] (A Prayer for The Vigilant Eye of YHWH)


[4] "The Prayer of The Strong Man" [STRENGTH] (A Prayer for The Brawn of YHWH by Which Cannot be Reckoned)


[5] "The Prayer of Remedy" [HEAL] (A Prayer for the Healing Breath of YHWH)


[6] "The Prayer of Innocence" [CLEAN] (A Prayer For Flawless Perfect by The Upright Spirit of Yah) [3RD Attempt]


[7] "The Prayer of The Compassionate Heart" [MERCY] (A Prayer for the Strong Desire of the Kindness of YHWH)

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