"The Character of Renown" (Personal Support)

This page is an alternate Read/Recite Page for those who wish to read the "Brazen Works" for individuals to bring support to themselves, and also those around them in ordrer that the Most High YHWH who is sovereign over all the earth will shine through unhindered within each, and every person who is willing to grasp the pure unadulterated truth. The truth that has been subdued, and hidden within the being of mankind for many Millenia. These recital suggestions are also indended to refine the character of each individual in the "fame" of there crown given by Mashiah Yahushuah (Known as, Jesus Christ).


NOTE: The "Brazen Works" can be recited for yourself, and also other individuals as well. The recital suggesions can also be used to endow, or barak (Bless) a person, place, or object, etc, and if there are any spiritual troubles in a home they can probably be used for that as well, or even if you have any "Space Critter" issues (Just for the record I do not believe in aliens...) then go ahead, and give it a try. "NO I AM NOT CONCERNED VERY MUCH ABOUT WHAT OTHERS PERCEIVE AS LUNACY WHEN I KNOW THAT IT'S NOT LUNACY TO USE AN ALLEGORY." Nice try though if you thought that :P


NOTE: A very important factoid that the author will suggest to people for personal empowerment that he would have like to have said earlier concerning a person's own power given to them by El (God), and that is for the Males to keep there head up, and the women to embrace the peace of silence in worship with respect to there father, and the messengers by performing with a covered head, BUT only during worship. The other tidbit is that a person especially if they are only reading, and not reciting to be on guard for idleness because one can only manifest the power of God (El) by acknowledging your focus in him without idleness in order for his power to have not been in vain (emptiness). A person must acknowledge in there fore-thought by the power of The Most High what they are trying to accomplish in truth, and rigthteousness before they can begin to see the power of Elohim (The Mighty One, God) being fulfilled before there very eyes, and for others to see as well otherwise we may be distracted, and find ourselves without knowing that the power may have come from the opposite end of the spectrum while we are not paying attention with our idled minds.



Recommended Verse: for reading, or reciting (Better than just reading) from the "Pseudo-Pigraphica" Works that are in association with the Qodesh Scriptures ("The Holy Bible") for Personal Empowerment over the Adversary's of Mankind. THE FOLLOWING VERSE IS INTENDED OBVIOUSLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES IN THE FORM THAT IT IS RESIDING ON THE PAGE. The other matter to consider is that these works have seen loss over the millenia's, and error probably being written over, and over again over the span of human history so therefore keep to mind that all parts of this book may not be COMPLETELY accurate. I do suggest the following verses for eradicating the plague of transgression which would be as far as the significance that the author is specifically, and currently aware of would be [1Enoch (Hanoch): Chapters: 1-5, 10, and 15]. Once again please be aware that there are still matters that are not completely understood by anyone including the author, and this is those who believe should be discerning when studying these texts.



(Chapter 1): "1. The words of the berakah (blessings) of Hanok (Enoch), with which he barak (blessed) the elect and righteous, who will be living in the day of tribulation, when all the wicked and unrighteous are to be removed. 2. And he took up his parable and said, "Hanok a righteous man, whose eyes were opened by Elohim (God, The Mighty One), saw the vision of the Qadosh One (Holy One) in the shamayim (heaven), which the messengers (angels) showed me. And from them I understood as I saw, but not for this generation, but for a distant one which is to come." 3. Concerning the elect I said, and took up my parable concerning them, "The Qadosh (Holy), and Great One will come forth from his dwelling. 4. and the Age-lasting ("Eternal") Elohim (God, Mighty One) will tread upon the earth, on Mount Sinai, and appear from His camp and appear in the STRENGTH OF HIS MIGHT from the shamayim of shamayim (Heaven of Heavens). 5. "And all will be smitten with fear and THE WATCHERS WILL QUAKE, and great fear and trembling will seize them unto the ends of the earth. 6. "And the high mountains will be SHAKEN, and the high hills will be made LOW, and will MELT LIKE WAS BEFORE THE FLAME (*Psalm 97:5*). 7 "And the earth will be completely shaken torn in pieces, all that is upon the earth will perish, and there will be judgement upon all. 8 "But with the righteous Her will make peace. And will protect the elect, and compassion will be upon them. And they will be prospered, and they will all be baruk (blessed). And He will help them all, and light will appear to them, and He will make peace with them. 9 "And see! He comes with ten thousands of His qodeshim (Holy Ones) to execute judgement upon all, and to Break Down (destroy) all the wicked, and to convict all flesh of all the works of their wickedness which they have committed wickedly, and of all the harsh matters which wicked Breakers of the Way (sinners) have spoken against him. (Chapter 2) 1. "Observe all the matters that take place in the shamayim (heaven/s), how they do not change there orbits, and the lights which are in the shamayim (heaven/s), how they all rise, and set, but all the works of Elohim (God, The Mighty One) appear to you. 3. "See, the summer and the winter, how the whole earth is filled with water and clouds and dew and rain lie upon it. (Chapter 3) 1. "Observe and see how all the trees seem as though they had withered and shed all their leaves except fourteenth trees, which do not lose their foliage but retain the old foliage fromm two to three years till the new comes. (Chapter 4) 1. "And again, observe the days of summer how the sun is above the earth over against it. And you seek shade and shelter because of the heat of the sun, and the earth also burns with growing heat, and so you cannot tread on the earth, or on a rock because of it's heat. (Chapter 5) 1. "OBSERVE how the trees cover themselves with green leaves and bear fruit. Therefore GIVE HEED AND KNOW WITH REGARD TO ALL HIS WORKS, 2. And all the tasks which they accomplish for Him, and their tasks not change, but according to how Elohim has ORDAINED, so it is done. 3. "And see, how the sea and the rivers in the same way ACCOMPLISH AND NOT CHANGE their tasks from His Commandments. 4. "But you, you have not been steadfast, nor done the Commandments of YHWH, but you have turned away, and have spoken proud and harsh words with your impure mouths against His greatness. Oh, you hard-hearted! You will find no peace! 5. "Therefore you shall loathe your days, and the years of your life will perish, and the years of your Breaking Down (destruction) will be multiplied in age-lasting loathing, and you will find no compassion. 6. "In those days you will loathe your days you will make your names an age-lasting ("eternal") loathing to all the righteous, and by you, all who curse will curse (ie, The Plague), and all the Breakers of the Way (Sinners) and wicked will loathe by you, and there will be forgiveness of Breakings Away (Sins), and every compassion and peace and patience - there will be salvation to them - a PLEASANT LIGHT. And for all of you Breakers of the Way (Sinners) there will be no salvation (*FROM BEING JUDGED GUILTY*), but on you ALL will abide a CURSE. 7. "But for the elect there will be light, and joy and peace, and they will inherit the earth. 8. "And then there will be given WISDOM to the elect, and they will live and never again Break Away (Sin), either through wickedness or through pride, but they who are WISE will be humble. 9. "And they will not transgress again, nor will they die of anger or wrath, but they will COMPLETE the number of the days of their hai (Life). And their lives will be increased in peace, and the years of their will be multiplied, in age-lasting ("eternal") gladness and peace, all the days of their life."



[1Enoch (Hanoch) Chapters 1-5]




NOTE: THE PRIOR VERSES ARE REFERING TO THE REMOVAL OF THE PLAGUE WHEN MESSIAH RETURNS IF UNDERSTOOD CORRECTLY WHEN HE HAS ESTABLISHED THE MILLENNIAL REIGN. Also the author will like to show the importance in knowing the cause of this ancient plague by understanding the root of transgression which is initial intent to to do evil in the fore-thought of which opens the door of the mind to idleness leading to the first Breaking Away (Sin) of DISOBEDIENCE of which leads to shame, and then the repeated stumblings through the shame of Self-Guilting, and self-loathing, and then ultimately that hatred is then turned against the one who created us in disgust because the person would not cease from Breaking Away (Sinning) from The True Way of Widsom of which is simply put the teachings from above that we were all designed to observe as a way of life all the way back to the Garden of Eden with Adam, and Eve, But now all of us also should consider that this plaque was not present at the begginning when this began, and for that many of the people at least at minimum are not as responsible for what they do as it were for someone that had done evil, and did not have a plague in this a plagued person is only really responsible of what a person does within there own Self-Integrity in that the person may not have willingly wanted to open there eyes, and ears, or make an intentful effort to do what is right before the eyes of YHWH there creator. [Posted: 6-4-2017]






"No Disbelief, and do All that is Possible by the Kindness of Yah for the Highest Good"












[Character: Reveal]



"The Hidden Secret of Favor"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 1] + [Prayer 2]


"For YHWH to reveal his Secret Favor of his face to the Idividual Reader, and to Reflect that Good to Others






[Character: Repentance]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3]


"For the an Individual to Know the Power of Elohim (God), and be given the Light of Hai (Life) "






[Character: Resilience in Repentance]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Resistance"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3]


"For Bringing the Individual into the Light of Hai (Life) with the Ability to Resist evil temptation"







[Character: Favor in Repentance]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Favor"


[Psalm 3] + [Psalm 4] + [Psalm 7] + [Prayer 2]


"To Give Favor to indiviiduals who are Repentant from Evil Works in order that they will Walk in Truth"







[Character: Guarded in Repentance]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Guardian"


[Psalm 3] + [Psalm 4] + [Psalm 7] + [Prayer 3]


"To Give the Swift Guard of YHWH to indiviiduals who Repent from Evil in order that there stumbling blocks be removed"






[Character: Strength in Repentance]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Strength"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 4]


"To Give Strength to indiviiduals who are Repentant from Evil Works in order that they will Walk in Truth"






[Character: Healing in Repentance]

"The Hidden Power of Mankind's Healing"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Prayer 5]


"To Give Healing to individuals who are Repentant from Evil Works in order that they will Walk in Truth"






[Protection: Beginner]

"The Armor of  Resilliance"


[Psalm 4] + [Prayer 1]


"To Give the Hardened Defense of YHWH to the Individual that the Works are Directed Towards"






[Protection: Novice]



"The Strength, and Power of the Resilliant Armor"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Prayer 1] + [Psalm 4]


"To Give the Unhindered Defense of YHWH to the Individual that the Works are Directed Towards"






[Spiritual Offense: Beginner]



"The Sword of the Guardian"


[Psalm 5] + [Prayer 3]


"To Give the SWORD of Haste to the Individual, and to Send the Evil of there Enemies Away"






[Spiritual Offense: Novice]



"The Strong Man's Powerful Sword of The Guardian


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 3]


"To Cause the enemies of the Righteous Individual to Flee with Great Haste with the Unhindered SWORD in Persuit "






[Comfort: Beginner]



"The Hidden Praise"


[Psalm 1] + [Psalm 7]


"To Bring the Comfort of the Presence of YHWH to the individual, and to Reveal the Depth of Praise"






[Comfort: Novice]



"The Favor of Hidden Praise"


[Prayer 2] + [Psalm 1] + [Psalm 7]


"To Bring the Favor of Praise from YHWH to the individual for the Deep Peace of his Eminence"






[Character: The Enduring Crown]



"The Enduring Resilliance"


[Psalm 6] + [Prayer 1]


"To Allow the Crown of those who are in the Belief of YHWH through his son Yahushuah (Jesus) The Messiah to Persevere"






[Character: The Enduring Crown]



"The Strength, and Power of Enduring Resilliance"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 6] + [Prayer 1]


"To Protect the Crown of those who are Fervent in the Belief of YHWH through his son Yahushuah (Jesus) The Messiah"




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