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This page is an alternate Read/Recite Page for those who wish to read the "Brazen Works"  in order to bring support to the writer, and also those who support him in supporting the unbreakable, and established truth's that are either currently known, or will be made known by the father above, and as many of us know there are many very wicked people in the world that would like to see these truth's simply tossed aside including people that you would think would know better than to impose onto another (IE Christians, etc). If any person out there truly does want me to continue in writing these in order that I may begin to write to the end of or after the first set of ten so that I may write the deeper truth's in the same fashion I will need support from others in the same fashion though there is no need to put yourself in a bad situation in doing so by using your time in a way that can be detrimental to the reader.  The writer does have some physical health issues, and would like to write dozens more psalms actually if he can. I have already had bot attacks on my forum with porn spam within first 8 month's of this site being established which is why I have to be more stringent, and will only allow people onto the forum if they can prove to me that they are a genuine person. Now bear with me here this is part of the reason that i need poetic support from others as I have difficulty completing things time, and time again due to pain.


NOTE: The "Brazen Works" can be recited for yourself, and also other individuals as well. The recital suggesions can also be used to endow, or barak (Bless) a person, place, or object, etc, and if there are any spiritual troubles in a home they can probably be used for that as well, or even if you have any "Space Critter" issues (Just for the record I do not believe in aliens...) then go ahead, and give it a try. "NO I AM NOT CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT OTHERS PERCEIVE AS LUNACY WHEN I KNOW THAT IT'S NOT LUNACY TO USE AN ALLEGORY." Nice try though if you thought that :P


"True empowerment comes with the continual striving of he who is the Source of All Things who is YHWH El Shaddai of Hosts in sincerity, and is the only means in which to obtain true power in the spirit of a man."



"4 And ALL the host of the shamayim (Of Heaven) shall rot away. And the shamayim (*Heaven*) shall be rolled up like a scroll, and all their host fade like a leaf fading on the vine, and like the fading of a fig tree. 5 For my SWORD shall be "drenched" in the shamayim (in Heaven). Look, it comes down on Edom, and on the people of My CURSE for judgment.



(The Ancient Plague of Transgression = The Giants, Nephilim, Wicked Messengers, and possibly other corrupt spirits)







[YeshaYahu (Ezekiel) Chapter 34: 4-5]




Mini Article



[Posted: 2-5-2017]


(Updated 5-13-2017)



(The Truth Between Good, and Evil Power in the World):


START: As the majority of us all know there has always existed since the dawn of time, and the conception of mankind that long-standing battle between both good, and evil, but did many those reading truly realize how deeply that rabbit hole leads in that if one continues down that path can lead to either a "Bottomless Pit of Destruction", or a Heavenly paradise that exists BEYOND THE AGES that does not die out? In terms of an "Abyss of Consuming Destruction" the author is speaking in terms of the "Self"-Destruction that comes along with human transgression that leads to Hades (The Grave), or more specifically refering to the slow destruction of a person that ultimately leads to the loss of a person's Hai (Life) in the judgement, and also paradise speaking in terms of what awaits for all who endure into the light of life for the sake of the next life. The truth concerning mankind's Power Struggle over the mind of which is just that it is over the striving for power, and considering that power stems from the human spirituality (An Archetype of a Common Power Struggle for example would be to blame all of the worlds problems on all "Religion" The GENERAL belief structure of an individual ALTOGETHER) of which would include Atheism [An Intentional Disacknowledgement of Spiritual Nature ALTOGETHER], but for readers that at minimum currently understand, or at least have an inclination to understand that this is ultimately sourced in the spirit of a Most High Creator who made all strength of a human being then I would say they are on the right track. Now as it has already been pointed out there exists what many of us are aware of as the spiritual battle between both good, and evil, but did many of those reading understand, and also realize where that lust for power really stems from? The best possible answer that the author would give for this explanation currently is that the father of all creation is the source of all including all of our trouble (He is the *SOURCE* of Good, and Evil), HOWEVER refering to mainly because of the absolute destination of our heavenly fathers spirit of which branches outward to the first Qodesh (Holy) Messenger (Angel) that had broken the covenant of Yah ultimately leading the first two peolple going astray (Adam & Eve, Genesis 3:6). I'm sure many of us have heard the term "The Devil Made me Do it", however did any reader ever contemplate that this can be used as a form of exploiting "Self"-Guilt? The short moral of this story is that our adversary did not create, but he is more responsible for many of the evil devices that were brought forth before human beings than you might think just to make that clear in order that no one will be too quick to point the finger at there enemy otherwise he may have it pointed out at the one that does it (Proverbs 9:8), and also take into consideration that if a person eyes have been opened by there God (El) that our problems still do stem from what our ancient enemy Ha' Satan (The Adversary) has conspired against as well rather than filling oneself with nothing, but self-guilt for our wrong doings (Sins / *Breaking Aways*). The understanding concerning a Man's lust for power ultimately begins with understanding that there are only two powers of which are the Good (YHWH creator of Heaven, and Earth with his Messengers, or whatever other spirits that he may have created under his authority), and Evil (The Devil, and His Messengers / Servants) of which Yah our Creator has authority over the human spirit, and Ha' Satan (The Adversary/ies) has power over the body in accordance with the level of transgression done by the individual through there body, or if Yah our kind father would have just simply allowed it for All-Fulfillment. One of these powers is Based off of that by which is in the Natural World, The Carnal Mind, Self-Desire, Lust, and the "feeding" which is Based in Part off the Ancient Mystery Religion, and Pseudological Concepts of Human Spirituality that are designed to be Materialistic in the Glorification of Mammon, aka "The Pagan Rendering of the Concept of "Soul", The ultimate implication being a demonic "trojan horse" more or less against human spirituality for the sake of whatever feels good in the mind of a man, or woman. [The Spirit of Jezebel / Satan, Paganistic Counterfeit of Human Spirituality brought forth in part by Solomon's Breaking Away with Gentile Women, and there Idols]. This sad truth being rather than to barak Yah Most High with everything that he gives to mankind (Psalm 22.26) in order that he prosper us of which the concept of Heavenly Power, and Righteousness is Based upon the COMPLETE freedom in truth of both Body, and Spirit in the Spirit of the Most High of which is the Ruach Ha' Qodesh (The Holy Spirit, Yah becoming Manifest). The next piece of understanding that will be shown is that in more ways than one the devil really does not have full authority over the world in the way the most would percieve, but only based upon each, and every transgression brought forth by mankind for it is written in the scriptures that the Devil has absolutely no power over the spirit directly except to weaken a person through the natural body (1Corinthians 2:14-16, There are more direct verse/s, but will have to be added later maybe...), but then he still does have "some" form of authority as it is written in scripure. When a man lusts through the body of which is part of human nature by which the world had been brought forth in order to be placed under these Evil "Princes" of whom are the fallen principalities of the air of whom also possess the power to then exploit this train of thought in a person if one is under the plague of transgression (Understanding things with a Plagued Mind-Set is like trying to understand the truth while under an illusion, and is like being drawn into an endless void of death, and destruction that a person will not fully comprehend unless they come out of it. Bassically It's like trying to struggle in futility through a desert, and then by the time a person finds a place of rest they find themselves awakened with blurred vision at the Gates of Babylon wondering... Where do I put my Baggage?) in order to lead them astray, but then who is the one that gives this power to those who lust in the world through transgression (Ephesians 2:2)? The father that created us all is really the one giving anyone power (Colossians 1:17), but when we transgress we are handed-over to the power of Ha' Satan (The Adversary/ies) of whom are those that dwell in the secret places of the spiritual realm. The one very important matter to understand about how power is given by God is to understand how moral authority is transfered over to another, and also that of which who you are truly revering whether directly in your fore-thought, or an indirect disacknowledgement of the heart. Firstly understand the Concept "An Eye for an Eye, and a Tooth for A Tooth" meaning that the same that an individual does to another then the same will come back to them in whatever way it came from them, or even that they had attempted, and it is not the direct acknowledgment of this that is self-righteous it is the self-righteous intent in doing so that makes it self-righteous, and that is how many of us ultimately hand-over our moral authority to others who are more wicked in there dealings in many cases (Including Yisra'el with the surrounding nations many times within the history of the Scriptures) than what many of us as human beings have done ourselves for the allowing any kind of destructive deed to transpire.


Alright now to main topic at hand, and since it was already pointed out about authority, and such the author is going to attempt to show to the reader how unpowerful our adversary really is in the "HIGHEST" POSSIBLE SENSE. The Qodesh Scripture contain verses pertaining to the ultimate destination of mankind, but do people truly understand what that entails? For example verses such as [1Corinthian 11:1], and [Mark 24-26] describe if understood in the most literal form that as a Christian (A wielder of the Light of Christ) will bassically "BECOME LIKE MESSIAH", or *RATHER* "AS THE MESSENGERS IN HEAVEN", and many people becoming short-lived in there understanding on account of this because they do not understand these things to there true literal extent. Bassically one of the implications of this as it is written in the scriptures concering whatever authority the devil posseses in the World of Man is nothing, but stolen power obtained from the deceptive illusion that we do not posses any power at all when it was God who gave man the authority over the Earth in the first place [Genesis 1:16, 9:3]. One other very important issue is to understand what people essentially bow down to even when we do not know that we are INDIRECTLY "kneeling" (Meaning to ultimately give veneration to other Creations, Powers, and Authorities indirectly within the manifestation of the heart) of which if the reader understands the prior statements then it is obviously not of a good nature, and that is we are essentially worshipping a being that we are to in essence become like in Heaven, but not a wicked one of whom like many of the fallen messengers were created as The FIRST-FRUITS of heaven, Were once Qodesh (Holy) themseves, and were also shown the LIMITED MYSTERIES as shown in the book of Khanoch / Hanoch (Enoch) that were given to mankind because they strove to learn these things in haste with evil intent [Hanock (Enoch) Chapter 16], or did not make proper use of this wisdom when it was given to them, and gave there authority over to the adversary.


The "simple" explanation to all of this being that the main difference between us, and them is that they were PLANTED IN HEAVEN, and we were PLANTED ON EARTH even though there be a lot more to them than to us as human beings including there ability to take different forms essentially, Immortality, and also they were created by the same general image as we were in Yahushuah Ha' Mashiach (Jesus Christ) [Colossians 1:15-17] as explained is like bowing down to ourselves in what we will become in the next life. This is how ultimately human beings are giving away there moral authority to there enemies through "Sinning" (Breaking THE Way) of which is the removal of the true image of YHWH, and the "One True RELIGION", in other words it's just the original way to live that we were designed to live (Not some CONGLOMERIZED belief that we human beings through our own partial nature give special meaning to through "titleism" of which has the capacity to having been applied within the belief, or on the outside of it against it. For Example: Atheism. Please Understand that this is not meant to be overbearing to those of you who believe in the Most High...) OF WHICH REVEALS IN THE END THAT OUR CELESTIAL ADVERSARY IS NO DIFFERENT THAN WE ARE IN THE HIGHEST SENSE or subject any more, or less to the Qodesh (Holy) Line ("White/Black" Line = Division of Morality if applied incorrectly) that had been placed by father of all Creation, and yet we given them our authority mindlessly. We are bassically giving our authority to one who knew even better than we did when the first two human beings had transgressed against The Most HIgh, and handed over "Pseudological" Authority of the Earth to the adversary of man.



" 1 From the days of the slaughter and destruction of the giants, from the beings whose flesh the spirits having gone forth, shall destroy without incurring judgement - thus shall they destroy until the day of the complete end - the great judgement, in which the age shall be ended, over the watchers and the wicked, even so shall be completely ended. 2 And now, as to the watchers who have sent you to intercede with them, who had been previously in the shamayim (Heaven), say to them, 3 You have been in the shamayim (Heaven), but ALL THE MYSTERIES WERE NOT YET REVEALED TO YOU, and you knew WORTHLESS MATTERS, and these in the hardness of your hearts YOU HAVE MADE KNOW TO THE WOMEN, and throught these mysteries women, and men work much evil on the earth.' 4 Say to them 'You have no piece'"






"The Moral of this lesson would be that if a person wanted something lesser of which does not last due to ease of obtainment even though it can be taken away by a refiner's fire of which is essentially the image of what a man is to become then why bother trying to obtain unless the person is stuck in the way of blindness? would a person rather have something tremendously better than just the recieving of fancy gifts which is the CONTINUAL PRAISE OF THE ALTAR THAT GIVES THEM, and has absolutely no end as to what proceeds from it?"







"No Disbelief, and do All that is Possible by the Kindness of Yah for the Highest Good"













[Works: Refinement]



"The Armor, and Sword of Resilliance"


[Psalm 4] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 1]


"To Support  the Writer of the Brazen Works for the purpose of Refinment, and Completion of all Works"







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"The Strong Man's Powerful Endurance"


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"In Order for the Writer, and those whom support him to continue down the Road of Life with there Crown Intact"






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"The Secret Power of Favor"


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"To Reveal the deeper insight of YHWH to the Writer, and also supporters in order that he will continue writing"






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"To Send Away the Enemies of the Writer, and also those who read the Brazen Works all over the World"






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"The Hidden Power of Mankind"


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"To bring other Readers into the Sheepfold of YHWH who is the creator of All Thiings that Exist"





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"The Strength, and Power of Healing"


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"The Hidden Power of Mankind"


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"To Request the Given the Blessing of These Three Psalms to True Supporters of Mashiah (Christ) in any of there Musical Endeavors According to the will of YHWH, whether by Voice, Instrument, and so forth"




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