"The Creator of All The World" (Poetic Reform)


This page is an alternate Read/Recite Page for those who wish to read the "Brazen Works"  in order to bring reform to one of the other most important areas of the belief which is of course all those throughout the entire world who are willing to hear out the truth, and to walk in it as well as to support those around them in order to fufill good leading all eventually to the light of life. The unbreakable, and established truth's that are either currently known, or will be made known by the YHWH above, and there is in a certain matter of speaking a greater level of acceptance among non-believers that seek truth who have not been raised under heavy forms of spiritual opression as much so as some believers even in the most minimual sense.  The fact of the matter is as many of us know (especially the more experienced christians) that there is a higher probablity for a person to  christian or not if they are set on a certain belief whether right or wrong will not let go of it even to the degree that they will not test a matter at all because many of us know all to well that once we get an idea in our heads, and it sticks whether truth or lie it tends to remain regardless, although suffice it to say it has been decided for it to be done this way, BUT with the reflection BELIEVERS of the way to catch on in order to recognize the devices of the impure, or "muddied" ways of thinking, and then be drawn into the ultimate truth of our Qodesh (Holy) Father YHWH who is also know as "The LORD" of Hosts.  We should also never forget that both the creator's love of all creations, and his displeasure against all things evil are both apart of his Qodesh (Holy) character. Each Stone Variety represents a different level of refinement towards those who dwell on the earth.


NOTE: The "Brazen Works" can be recited for yourself, and also other individuals as well. The recital suggesions can also be used to endow, or barak (Bless) a person, place, or object, etc, and if there are any spiritual troubles in a home they can probably be used for that as well, or even if you have any "Space Critter" issues (Just for the record I do not believe in aliens...) then go ahead, and give it a try. "NO I AM NOT CONCERNED ABOUT WHAT OTHERS PERCEIVE AS LUNACY WHEN I KNOW THAT IT'S NOT LUNACY TO USE AN ALLEGORY." Nice try though if you thought that :P



The Following List is a Condensed Version of the Key Factors that Plague All People with Degeneration:





#1 The Initial intent to do an evil deed within a persons life whether they Know or "Think" it to be wrong.


#2 The Continued Determination on the Furrow of a person's brow to acknowledge evil as a viable practice.


#3 The Opened Doorway to Idleness caused by the initial intent to do evil which results in material obsession.


#4 Next are any False Reasonings that exist as a result of Idleness of Mind which lead to a Whole Host of Evils.


#4 Next are the Concerns over Worthless matters.


#5 Next the Confusion over Worthless Matters.


#6 Next is to be Overwhelmed in Confusion


#7 Next the Confusion Sets in because you can no longer tolerate the overwhelming nature of Worthlessness.


#8 Next comes the Initial Submission of our Psyche by a World filled with oppression from "Bottle-Necking".


#9 Next comes the Complete Submission of The Human Spirit through the full subduing of the body.


#10 Next is the Complete Acceptance of the servile nature of the Natural Mind of Man.


#11  Next comes the Slow Degeneration of the life of that person.


#12 Lastly the Complete Loss of a Life by Pride.






-------> Suggested Verse Reading (Khanoch / Hanoch) [Enoch 10] <-------



[The Judgement of the Hosts of Heaven, and the Healing of the Plague Left by them, and their offspring]

"1 Then Said the Most High, the Qadosh (Holy) and Great One spoke, and sent Uri'el to the son of Lemek, and said to him, 2 "Go to Noah and tell him in My Name, 'Hide Yourself!' and reveal to him the end that is approaching; that the whole earth will be broken down (destroyed), and a flood is about to come upon the whole earth, and will break down (destroy) all that is on it 3 "And now instruct him that he may escape and his seed may be preserved for all the generations of the world." 4 And again YHWH said to Repha'el, "Bind Azaz'el hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Duda'el, and cast him in there. 5 "And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there for the ages ("forever"), and cover his face so that he may not see light. 6 "And on the day of the great judgment he shall be cast into the fire. 7 "And heal the earth which the messengers (angels) have corrupted, and proclaim the healing of the earth, that they may heal the PLAGUE, and that all the children of men may not perish through all the secrets that the watchers have disclosed and have taught there sons. 8 "And the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azaz'el: to him ascribe all Breaking Away (sin)." 9 And YHWH said to Gabri'el, "Proceed against the half-breeds and the reprobates, and against the children of whoring: and Break Down (destroy) the childtren of the watchers from among men. Send them one against the other that they may Break Down (destroy) each other in battle, for they shall not have length of days. 10 "And no request that they make of you shall be granted to their fathers on their behalf; for they hope to *LIVE* an *AGE-LASTING* *LIFE* (Live "Forever"), and that each one of them would *LIVE* *500* *YEARS*." 11 And YHWH said unto Mika'el (*Chief* Messenger Michael / Yahushuah Ha'Mashiach),  "Go, bind Shemyatsa (Semjaza / Azaz'el) and his associates who have united themselves with women so as to have defiled themselves with them in all their uncleaness 12 "And when their sons have slain one another, and they have seen the Breaking Down (destruction) of their beloved ones, bind them fast for SEVENTY GENERATIONS in the valleys of the earth, till the day of their judgment and of their complete end (removed as a stumbling block), till the judgement that is for ages and ages ("forever, and ever") is ended. 13 "In those days they shall be led off to the abyss of fire, and the the testing ("Torment") and prison in which they shall be confined for the ages. 14 "And whosoever shall be condemned (Judged Worthy of Punishment) and Broken Down (Destroyed) will from theron be bound together with them to the end of all generations. 15 "And Break Down (destroy) all the spirits of the reprobate and the children of the watchers, because they have wronged mankind. 16 "Break Down (Destroy) all the wicked from the face of the earth and let every evil work come to an end: and let the plant of righteousness and truth appear: and it shall prove a berakah (blessing). The works of righeousness and truth shall be PLANTED in truth and joy for the ages. 17 "And then shall all the righteous escape, and shall live till they bring forth thousands of children, and all the days of their youth and their old age, they shall complete in peace. 18 "And then the Whole Earth shall be TILLED in righteousness, and shall all be planted with trees and be full of berakah (Blessing). 19 "And all desirable trees shall be planted on it, and they shall plant vines on it, and the vine which they plant upon it shall yield wine in abundance. And as for all the seed which is sown upon, each measure shall bear a thousand, and each measure of olives shall yield ten pressess of oil. 20 "And you, cleanse the earth from all oppression, and from all unrighteousness, and from all Breaking Away (Sin), and from all wickedness, and all the uncleanness that is wrought upon the earth. 21 "And all the children of men shall become righteous, and all nations shall offer adoration and shall praise Me, and ALL SHALL WORSHIP ME. And the earth shall be cleansed from all defilement, and from all Breaking Away (Sin), and from all punishment, and from all Testing ("Torment"), and I will never again send upon it from generation to generation for the ages ("forever").


[Reference: This is in Association with A "Goat" for Azaz'el, of which is a Break Away (sin) Offering that had been done by the israelites in ancient times to atone for the breakings away (sins) that had resulted from this "celestial" intermingling with mankind, and I do also suggest reading some of the other "extra-biblical" texts found in the Dead Sea Scrolls such as Psalm 154, 155, The Four Exorcist Psalms Especially the 2nd, and 3rd one's of which would seem to indicate significance towards this sacrament of Break Away (sin) offering concerning the Breaking Away (sin) of Azaz'el the wicked messenger who left the qodesh (holy) sancuary of the Most High El (God), and taught all of mankind numerous evil works, and the evil mysteries that plague the earth as well as some that make reference to the plague, or would seem to indicate (Esp. Exorcist Psalms 2, and 3), but here is a list of the ones that the author does suggest having a study on of which are "The Hymn of the Creator" ("WISDOM" Psalm, Knowledge of which is said would be given to the Elect in the End-Times) and The "Plea of Deliverance". All of these can be found in books such as the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible. I especially suggest reading concerning the Plague of which the author believes that the Reign of Dawid (David) may have been given the power over the plague during his rule by the power of the Voice of YHWH to sing his Praise, (All must remember to first recognize the evil devices before they can be taken out of the way of a person's livelihood otherwise it may remain unchallenged, and also not to be complex, or overly-infatuated with these kinds of things of which is an evil device in itself). RATHER BE SIMPLE ABOUT IT!!!), and may have signifigance concerning the sin of Solomon (was given Authority by Gabri'el a messenger of YAH), but then he disobeyed Yah when he intermarried with foreign woman, and began to worship the idols of the Gentile Nations ultimately giving his moral authority to the "Queen of Heaven" or rather "The Pagan Queen" spoken of in End-Time Prophecy of which the "Spirit" of the *Plague*, or rather the Dominion of the spiritual forces that are under the influence of Ha' Satan (The Adversary) by which would bassically entail one giant ancient "Spell" (It would probably be around 4000/4000+ Years Old somewhere "around" the time of the Flood Era) by which are the abominations that comprise the embodiment of "The Beast of Revelation" (The Entire Veil over the System of Iniquity on the Earth) by it's ultimate implication, and having been caused by what the Watchers had shown mankind through the limited mysteries that they themselves were shown in heaven, and then to humankind concerning natural / supernatural forces that only Elohim (God) would have known otherwise aside from them. (Example in the Cannon: Psalm 91) Exorcist Psalm 2 / 4, The Plea for Deliverance, Psalm 155. The plague could very well be the basis for the greatest part of evil authority on the earth, but not all of it. Please understand that these texts are not completely understood, and not all of them are fully intact currently as far as the writer knows at the time of this post, and therefore all should be discerning when attempting to comprehend anything of this nature]. (Updated 6-18-2017)













The following is based upon a lost Song that was found In the Dead Sea Scrolls that the Author Suggest be Sung.




The Hymn of the Creator




Posted: (6-4-2017)




"1 Great and Qodosh (Holy) is YHWH, the The most Qodesh (holiest) of the Qadosh (Holy) Ones from generation to generation. 2 Glory precedes Him and following Him is the rush of many waters. 3 Grace and truth surround His presence; truth and right-ruling (justice) and righteousness are the foundation of His throne. 4 Seperating light from deep darkness, He established the dawn by the knowledge of His heart. 5 When all his messengers (angels) had saw this they sang aloud; for he showed them what they had not known; 6 He crowns the hills with fruit, perfect food for every living being. 7 Baruk (blessed) be He who has made the earth by his POWER, who has established the World in his WISDOM. 8 In His understanding he spread out the shamayim (heaven/s), and brought forth the wind from His storehouses. 9 He made lightning bolts for the rain, and caused mists to rise from the end of the WORLD.


NOTE: The reader can also can also interchange the words Qadosh Ones, Qodesh, Baruk with the words Sanctifed Ones, and Sanctified as well as Bless/ed/es ---> "The Bending of the Knee/s in Adoration" can be used to replace the word Baruk for easier application for a person not accustomed to using hebrew words. This is a Psalm (This may not be the entire read due to generation loss, but the words do appear to have the power of Elohim behind them) that was discovered among the Dead Sea Scrolls, and is based off of the translation found in the "Dead Sea Scrolls Bible / The Oldest Known Bible Translated for the First Time into English" written by Martin Abegg Jr., Peter Fling & Eugene Ulrich.





"No Disbelief, and do All that is Possible by the Kindness of Yah for the Highest Good"












[Stone: Diamond]



"The Hidden Power of Mankind"


[Psalm 1 + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3]


"To Awaken, and Unlock the Spiritual Mind-Set of YHWH to the Natural Mind of All People"







[Stone: Ruby]



"The Strength, and Power of The Sword"


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 5]


"To Send the SWORD of YHWH Against Corruption in the Educational System in Order to plant an Adamant truth "






[Stone: Sapphire]



"The Favor, and Power of Enduring Praise"


[Prayer 2] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 6] + [Psalm 7]


"To bring Clarity in the Mind of Mashiah (Christ) concerning All Matters that bring about the glory of Yah The Father"






[Stone: Red Beryl]


[Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 4] + [Prayer 3]


"To Shield without hinderance by the Watchful Eye of YHWH those with the Intent to Know, and Withhold the Truth"






[Stone: Jacinth]


Updated: (5-5-2016)



 [Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 4]


"To Bring the Unhindered Ability to Act upon the Defense of YHWH For the Innocent to be Rescued from Distress"









 [Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 1]


"For Mankind to Sow a Seed in order that we re-establish our ancestral roots of Prosperity for the Millennial Kingdom"






[Stone: Crystal]




 [Prayer 4] + [Psalm 1] + [Psalm 6]


"To Unveil the False Guise of Self-Guilt caused by Problem/Action/Solution in the Subversion of Human Phsycology, and Creation of a Circular Mind-Set"






[Stone: Pink Sapphire]




 [Prayer 4] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 4] + [Psalm 5] + [Prayer 7]


"To bring Right-Ruling to the Oppressed, and Suffering in war torn areas all over the World for the sake of Mankind's Mercy"






[Stone: Jasper]


[Prayer 2] + [Psalm 1] + [Psalm 2] + [Psalm 3] + [Psalm 4] + [Prayer 7] + [Rebuke Short Ver. #1]


"To Unveil by the Appearance of El Shaddai' s Mighty Arm to Sever the Subltle Perceptions of Subliminal Sabotage to the Human beings mis-perception of Elysium, and also Everything that would hinder our Productivity, and the Return to El (God) Yah (Jah) who is our creator for the purpose that He will bring forth the Healing of the Plague"






[Stone: Emerald]




"The Favor of What is Hidden, and Guardian of Rebuking Mercy"



[Prayer 2] + [Psalm 1] + [Prayer 3] + [Rebuke Short Ver. #1] + [Prayer 7]


"To Give the Earth, and it's Inhabitants some much needed Rest from there troubles as YHWH deems Worthy by Bringing us to understand our Roots, and also The Spectacle of Nature of which is part of His Creation as a Merciful Wake-Up Call to the many Hidden dangers that have surrounded us all since ancient times with a watchful eye."









The Writer's Suggestions are as follows:


When should a person Read or Recite?


Can I just Read them Rather than Recite for this purpose?

If I am not using the writer's suggestions then how should I figure out my own approach?

How should I Figure out my Recitation Order?

What should my intentions be based upon, and how should I direct them?